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Guide to Creating a Configure Input File

For a relatively uniform target distribution and 500-800 targets, the time required for a configuration is ~20mins on a single CPU machine. For a similar field, with 1,500 targets, or for a centrally-condensed field such as a galaxy cluster, the configure time could be 1-2hours! Configure versions 7.9 onwards are multi-threaded and so multi-CPU machines will run much faster, reducing this problem. However, the user will generally be required to perform some kind of sparse pre-sampling of the dataset in order to have the ~500-800 targets per 2 degree field to run Configure in reasonable times. Possible options for pre-sampling are described in the Guide to complex configurations.

Configure reads in ascii .fld files. An example .fld file is available to illustrate the basic format example.fld. In constructing your own .fld files the following considerations need to be made:

Sarah Brough (sb@aao.gov.au)