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AAOmega Focus Database

A database of previous AAOmega focus values, for various gratings and central wavelengths, is kept. There is a simple but powerful GUI which provides the user with access to the focus information when setting up an unusual AAOmega configuration.

  1. The utility currently runs on aatlxx at the AAT.

  2. Those computers do not have general user accounts, log-in as aatinst.

    . Ask your night assistant if you do not know the password.
  3. In the top level directory, start the GUI with ./aaomega_focus.p

  4. Enter the appropriate information for you desired setup and hit Get Values.

  5. A list of previous focus values which match the input selection will appear. Typically one should choose the most recent values with the closest wavelength settings.

  6. Note the temperature correction which can accurately be applied to correct for seasonal variations. Use the Spectrograph temperature in making this adjustment.

  7. The system should now be close enough to focus that the Hartmann Shutter routine will quickly pull the spectrographs into a good focus.

Focus DB GUI

Sarah Brough (sb@aao.gov.au)