6dF Galaxy Survey Team

The 6dFGS Team (without observers) can be reached via the 6dfgs@aao.gov.au email exploder.

Name1 Affiliation2 Email address Program3 Project description
Brian Boyle ATNF, Australia brian.boyle@csiro.au AT1 ROSAT-selected AGN
Lachlan Campbell ANU, Australia lachlan@mso.anu.edu.au GS z-survey, v-survey
Paul Cass AAO, Australia cpc@aaocbn.aao.gov.au GS Observer
Matthew Colless* AAO, Australia colless@aao.gov.au GS z-survey, v-survey
Scott Croom Univ. Sydney, Australia scroom@physics.usyd.edu.au AT1 ROSAT-selected AGN
Roc Cutri IPAC, USA roc@ipac.caltech.edu AT2 2MASS-selected AGN
Michael Drinkwater Univ. Queensland, Australia mjd@physics.uq.edu.au AT3 HIPASS galaxies
Anthony Fairall Univ. Cape Town, South Africa Anthony.Fairall@uct.ac.za GS Observer
Kristin Fiegert AAO, Australia kf@aaocbn.aao.gov.au GS Observer
Paul Francis ANU, Australia pfrancis@mso.anu.edu.au AT2 2MASS-selected AGN
Ken Freeman ANU, Australia kcf@mso.anu.edu.au AT3 HIPASS galaxies
Michael Gregg LLNL, USA gregg@igpp.ucllnl.org AT4 NVSS QSO survey
Malcolm Hartley AAO, Australia mh@aaocbn.aao.gov.au GS Observer
John Huchra* CfA, USA huchra@cfa.harvard.edu GS, AT2 z-survey, 2MASS-selected AGN
Carole Jackson ANU, Australia cjackson@csiro.au AT6 NVSS+SUMSS sources
Dionne James AAO, Australia dmj@aaocbn.aao.gov.au GS Observer
Tom Jarrett* IPAC, USA jarrett@ipac.caltech.edu GS z-survey
Heath Jones AAO, Australia heath@aao.gov.au GS v-survey, z-survey
Renee Kraan-Korteweg Univ. Cape Town, South Africa kraan@circinus.ast.uct.ac.za GS z-survey, Galactic Plane z-survey
Baerbel Koribalski ATNF, Australia baerbel.koribalski@csiro.au AT3 HIPASS galaxies
Ofer Lahav* UCL, UK lahav@star.ucl.ac.uk GS z-survey, v-survey
John Lucey* Durham, UK john.lucey@durham.ac.uk GS z-survey, v-survey
Gary Mamon* IAP, France gam@iap.fr GS z-survey, v-survey
Tom Mauch Oxford, UK txm@astro.ox.ac.uk GS, AT6 z-survey, NVSS+SUMSS sources
Quentin Parker* AAO/Macquarie, Australia qap@ics.mq.edu.au GS, AT7 z-survey, v-survey, faint IRAS sources
Bruce Peterson ANU, Australia peterson@mso.anu.edu.au GS z-survey
Dominique Proust* Meudon, France dominique.proust@obspm.fr GS z-survey
Somak Raychaudhury Birmingham, UK somak@star.sr.bham.ac.uk AT5 groups and clusters
Mike Read ROE, UK mar@roe.ac.uk GS z-survey, v-survey
Ken Russell AAO, Australia ksr@aaocbn.aao.gov.au GS Observer
Elaine Sadler* Sydney, Australia ems@physics.usyd.edu.au GS, AT3, AT6, AT7 z-survey, HIPASS galaxies, NVSS+SUMSS sources, faint IRAS sources
Tom Shanks Durham, UK tom.shanks@durham.ac.uk GS optical galaxy z-survey
Lister Staveley-Smith ATNF, Australia Lister.Staveley-Smith@uwa.edu.au AT3 HIPASS galaxies
Ken Wakamatsu* Gifu, Japan waka@cc.gifu-u.ac.jp GS z-survey, Galactic Plane z-survey
Will Saunders* AAO, Australia will@aaoepp.aao.gov.au GS, AT6, AT7 z-survey, Galactic Plane z-survey NVSS+SUMSS sources, faint IRAS sources
Andy Taylor ROE, UK ant@roe.ac.uk AT7 faint IRAS sources
Fred Watson* AAO, Australia fgw@aaocbn.aao.gov.au GS z-survey, v-survey
Lutz Wisotzki AIP, Germany lutz@aip.de AT8 Hamburg-ESO bright QSO survey

  1. * = member of 6dF Science Advisory Group
  2. Affiliation = institution, country
  3. GS = galaxy survey (NIR-selected z-survey and peculiar velocity v-survey); AT# = Additional Target program number

Matthew Colless, heath@aao.gov.au, Thu, 27 Sep 2007, 09:46:21