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Welcome to the Australian Astronomical Observatory

a division of the Department of Industry

Front cover of the 125th edition of the AAO Newsletter, the AAO Observer
Back cover of the 125th edition of the AAO Newsletter, the AAO Observer
The front and back covers of the 125th AAO Observer, showing left: the winning student image from the Australian Gemini Astronomy Contest;
and right: an example of the regrowth on Siding Spring Mountain one year after the Wambelong fire.

The latest edition of the AAO Observer has been released

The biannual newsletter of the Australian Astronomical Observatory, the AAO Observer, has been released. Highlights include:

All this since the bush fires swept over Siding Spring Observatory just over a year ago!

Announcing the 2014 AusGO/AAO Observational Techniques Workshop

The Australian Gemini Office in conjunction with the Australian Astronomical Observatory will hold the 2014 AusGO/AAO Observational Techniques Workshop from midday on Tuesday April 1 to midday on Friday April 4, 2014 at the AAO Headquarters in North Ryde, Sydney.

Register for the workshop now via our online form.

Successful first commissioning run for HERMES spectrograph on the AAT

October 19th was the first night of HERMES commissioning.

The HERMES team reports a very successful night - clear skies, no technical difficulties, and the very first 'on telescope' data collected.

Click here to read AAO Director Warrick Couch's announcement message.

Congratulations to the team on this very important milestone!

How to access our new North Ryde premises

For visitors and for couriers

What's new?

Light Pollution at Siding Spring Observatory 1986-2014 [PDF] (March 2014)
AAO Facts and Figures now available online (February 2014)
The official A3 AAO Brochure now available online (February 2014)
The 2013 Allison-Levick Memorial Lecture held 5 December 2013 (December 2013)
Public release - AAO Advisory Committee public summary (November 2013)
Fred Watson wins the 2013 Bragg Prize for Science Writing [External Link] (October 2013)
Our Galaxy is all a-flutter (October 2013)
Dating our Galaxy's dormant volcano (September 2013)
AAO astronomer Andy Green wins the Louise Webster Prize for outstanding research by a scientist early in their post-doctoral career [External Link] (July 2013)
AAO astronomer Andrew Hopkins part of successful ARC Linkage grant on "Mapping the dark matter with early type galaxies" [PDF] (June 2013)
A photo exhibition at Sydney Observatory: Stories from Siding Spring Observatory (Apr 2013)
Public release - AAO Advisory Committee public summary (Apr 2013)
RAVE-ing astronomers write Galaxy's secret history (Apr 2013)
The AAO is now a division of the Department of Industry [External Link]. (Mar 2013)
Near Earth Asteroid (NEA) 2012 DA14, AAT Observations - Movie (Feb 2013)
Images of Siding Spring Observatory after the January bushfires are now available. (Jan 2013)
Minister Evans' media release on the fires affecting Siding Spring Observatory. Professor Warrick Couch to head Australian Astronomical Observatory (Jan 2013)
Conference - Feeding, Feedback and Fireworks: Celebrating our Cosmic Landscape (Nov 2012)
Announcement - PM Science Prize winner to measure a million stars (Nov 2012)
Press release - Potato chip mirror a thing of perfection (Oct 2012)
Press release - Galaxies in the thick of it grow up fast (Oct 2012)
Public release - AAO Business Plan 2012-13 (Sep 2012)
Public release - AAO Forward Look to 2015 (July 2012)
Celebrating the AAO - Past, Present and Future - Book launch and Order Form (Oct 2011)
AAT overview Quicktime movie (24Mb)

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