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AAT and 2dF/AAOmega photo gallery

Photograph Credits to: Barnaby Norris

Click on the images below for larger versions.

Long shot
The AAT at Siding Springs Observatory.

The UK Schmidt telescope and Faulkes telescope can be seen in the distance to the left of the image.

Long shot The AAT dome
AAT at night The AAT Dome at night
inside dome The Anglo-Australian Telescope

The 2dF robotic fibre positioner which feeds the AAOmega spectrograph is mounted at the prime focus on top of the telescope.
inside dome The 2dF robotic fibre positioner.

The 3.9m diameter primary mirror is seen uncovered in the background.
inside dome The AAT from above
2dF1 The 2dF robotic fibre positioner

The metal field plate is seen populated with fibre buttons which are used to relay the light from astronomical targets down to the AAOmega spectrograph. The robot gripper is seen hovering over a button which it is about to move to a new target position.
2dF2 The 2dF gripper picking up a fibre optic button
AAOmega The AAOmega spectrograph

The two metal vessels are dewers, giant vacuum flasks which contain the liquid nitrogen used to cool the CCD cameras down to their working temperatures of -115C.

The spectrograph has two cameras, a red one and a blue one. Each is sensitive to particular wavelengths of light.

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