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28/4/12 - POSITIONING ERROR MESSAGE: If when positioning you get an error message from the "hard Y-limit" then you will need to bring the telescope down to Prime Focus Access and manually push the gripper to the left, away from the hard Y-axis limit. A hard reset of the gripper gantry from the Engineering Task should then allow you to restart.

24/4/12 - RE-STARTING 2DF: When re-starting 2df we should now do so using the engineering task (tdfeng) and START SYSTEM, followed by tdfct when everything is running OK, rather than the other way round. This speeds up the restart process in any case where the positioner is the main problem (i.e. 90% of cases) and prevents the taking down of any non-related systems in the start-up post-positioner issue.

24/4/12 - STOPPING EXPOSURES: The STOP button, whilst observing or holding an observation, now works. Stopping the exposure and writing it out without causing the system to crash.

24/4/12 - TUMBLING PLATE INFO: When tdfct is restarted, if the observing slit is not consistent with the observing plate (a frequent occurance) this is indicated by an orange colour to aid noticing this problem. To fix this, you can either tumble from the positioner window OR just the observing slit can be changed under the AAOmega spectrograph control window/Observation Slit.

24/4/12 - POSITIONER CAMERA: The window analysing images from the positioner's camera has been reduced so there should be no futher cases of 2 fibres in 1 window even in really tightly configured fields. This was a new problem following a change in the positioner camera.

Sarah Brough (sb@aao.gov.au)