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Science with HERMES

ATNF Lecture theatre, Sydney, Australia, 28-29 September 2010

A workshop to explore the scientific uses of the HERMES instrument currently being built by the AAO. HERMES is the next major instrument for the 3.9 m AAT. It is built upon the existing two degree field fibre positioner, consisting of ~400 fibres, which is fed to a powerful new spectrograph covering 4 simultaneous optical bands at a spectral resolution of 28,000. Higher resolution of 50,000 will be possible utilising a slit-mask. To initiate the discussions, this two-day workshop will present the design and capabilities of HERMES as well as the planned Galactic Archaeology Survey and its synergies with SkyMapper and GAIA.

HERMES opens new possibilities of doing large scale high resolution spectroscopy, presenting great benefit to many scientific fields including Galactic archaeology, stellar astrophysics,  the interstellar medium, and Magellanic clouds. This will also be an opportunity to generate ideas for future upgrades or additional features required to meet your science goals. We look forward to hearing your proposed scientific programs utilising the unique capabilities of HERMES. The workshop will be held at the ATNF lecture theatre in Sydney, Australia from the 28 to 29 September 2010.

The schedule of talks and presentations and the list of participants are now available.

Information on accommodation and getting to the venue is available here.


If you have any questions regarding the meeting, please contact Gayandhi De Silva (gdesilva@aao.gov.au)