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The HERMES Project: People Involved

Name Project Role Organisation
Mike Birchall Software AAO
Joss Bland-Hawthorn Project Astronomer
Jurek Brzeski Mechanical Engineer AAO
Scott Case Fibre optics AAO
Vlad Churilov Mechanical Engineer AAO
Gayandhi De Silva Co-Project Scientist AAO
Tony Farrell Head of Software AAO
Kristin Fiegert Optical AAO
Ken Freeman Project Astronomer
Luke Gers Optical Engineer AAO
Doug Gray Operations Manager (AAT) AAO
Anthony Heng Project Manager AAO
Ron Heald Software AAO
Jeroen Heijmans Project Engineer AAO
Damien Jones Optical Designer Prime Optics
Yuriy Kondrat Mechanical Engineer AAO
Steve Lee Site Coordinator AAO
Don Mayfield Electronics AAO
Stan Miziarski Mechanical/Optical AAO
Rolf Muller Electronics AAO
David Orr Systems Engineer AAO
Naveen Pai Mechanical/Optical AAO
Ed Penny Electronics AAO
Chris Ramage IT Manager AAO
Andrew Sheinis Project leader
Keith Shortridge Software AAO
Greg Smith Mechanical/Optical
Nick Staszak Head of Mechanical Engineering
Lew Waller Head of Electronics AAO
Minh Vuong Software AAO
Dennis Whittard Mechanical/Optical AAO
Daniel Zucker Co-Project Scientist

Other and Past Participants

Name Project Role Organistion
Sam Barden
Project Leader
Dionne Haynes Instrument Science AAO
Roger Haynes Head of Instrument Science AAO
Greg Knight Project Manager SKM
Chris McCowage Operations Manager (AAT) AAO
Guy Monnet Project leader
Arun Neelakandan Web Designer AAO
Ian Noble Project Manager AAO
Amelie Parisot Instrument Science AAO
William Rambold AAO Project Manager AAO