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The HERMES Project: End-to-end Process Flow

The scientific success of the HERMES project, and especially of the GA Survey, requires not only building a state of the art instrument, but also operating through an efficient end to end process covering every observing step from target selection to science and calibration observations to data reduction and analysis to catalogue building and release.

This key operational requirement requires near-full automation of all such steps. In particular:

Most of the pieces of the extensive software package needed for data reading, handling and initial data reduction (removing the instrument signature) are already in-hand through previous developments for 2dF and AAOmega; they are being upgraded and adapted for the HERMES facility. Again, the instrument simulator will be widely used to test these.

The final phase of observing and science data analysis in the context of the GA Survey (producing the input target catalogue, extracting precise abundances & radial velocities, building the huge Survey output catalogue, extracting the Science) is being prepared and will be handled by the GA Survey Team.