Chapter 5 - The Data you Take Away

  1. The AAT data archive
  2. Data Formats - Figaro, FITS & IRAF
  3. Making your own tape.
  4. Problems

5.1 The AAT data archive

 The AAO attempts to maintain an archive of all data taken on the AAT. CD-ROMs and magnetic tapes (of older data) are kept at the telescope in a locked room on the first floor, while AAT photographic plates (or copies) are stored in the laboratory at Epping.

Original data is archived in pseudo-FITS disc files to both Exabyte tapes and to an writable CD-ROM.

The proprietary period for data is two years, after which others may apply for copies. Requests for data should be made to the Director.

The AAO keeps several records of what has been observed with the AAT.

5.2 & 5.3 Data Formats & Making your own tape.

See the Appendix to the Observer's Guide, which describes the formats in which data is available and how to make your own tapes.

As of September 1997, the AAO no longer prepares tapes of data for observers. While the Observatory will continue to service archive requests, we are unable to prepare tapes for every observer. It is therefore extremely important that you make your own tape before you leave.

5.4 Anything else?

If you need to do something more complicated than the above, then ask your support astronomer for help.

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