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Notes for users of the AAT f/1 imaging system

E.M. Sadler, J.R. Barton


No figures included.

Note to users and support astronomers

The f/1 imaging system and Thomson CCD, though only recently fully commissioned, are already scheduled frequently at the AAT; so a users' guide is clearly overdue. The notes given here represent only a first draft of what will eventually become part of the next edition of the AAO CCD Users' Guide, and comments and/or corrections are welcome.

Much of the information assembled here comes from John Barton's commissioning notes on the 1024x 1024 Thomson CSF THX31156 CCD, and from notes made by Brian Boyle and Warrick Couch who commissioned the f/1 mirror and optics. I have updated some of these to reflect recent developments and have added some extra information based on later use of the system. The notes on data storage and archiving were supplied by Keith Shortridge and Bob Dean.

Elaine Sadler
10 September 1990

Note to the HTML Version

Unfortunately, since this draft version of the f/1 manual was written, no final version was compiled ... and (sad to say) this still isn't it. It's just a HTML version of the 1990 document. However, it may evolve into a more informative manual with time.

Chris Tinney
Feb 1996.

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Chris Tinney
Fri Feb 23 14:47:59 EST 1996