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The procedures described in this manual use some purpose-written IRAF scripts. If you are working on the UK Schmidt system these can be activated by typing ``flair'' in IRAF. Otherwise you will need to obtain a copy of the flair ``add-on'' package as follows. Note that the task names have changed from earlier versions of this manual.

This manual and the FLAIR IRAF package can be obtained by anonymous ftp from the AAO at Epping. On the web go to and look for the FLAIR section. Alternatively you can use ``anonymous'' ftp to and binary get the file aao_obs/flair/flair_iraf.tar. Installation instructions are in readme.lis.

WARNING: the IRAF image headers of the reduced FLAIR spectra are very large and may exceed the default maximum of min_lenuserarea = 20000. When you load the fibers package min_lenuserarea is increased to 40000, but problems can arise images are manipulated (e.g. by imcopy) when fibers is not loaded with header information being lost. To avoid this, put an entry of the form ``set min_lenuserarea = 40000'' in your file.

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