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Quick FLAIR Reduction Recipe

# A suggested list of images to take
biases (at least 25, once per run)
arcs (2)
twilight sky (5)
arcs (2)
arcs (2)
dome flat (5, if no twilights made)

# Reading data into IRAF
rfits ../tmp/*.fts flair
fixhead ../raw/*.imh ra=12.45 dec=13.5

# Basic CCD reduction
zerocombine @listb output = "zero"
flatcombine @flist output = "sky"
imdel @listb, @flist
implot sky.imh                              biassec:
ccdproc *.imh fixpix+ overscan+ trim+ zeroco+
imarith arc_hgcd + arc_neon arc1   (optional)

# choose fields to combine
combine middle,first,...,last FIELD combine="average" reject="crreject"
reformat auto_fred.log aplist
triangle sky.imh steps=nsteps

# Extract spectra
dofibers FIELD

# Final
splot                              wavelengths:
scopy w1= w2= rebin=no
implot                            sky line 5577:
                                            sky line 6300:
fixpix STDIN

# Plotting
bplot >G
gkimosaic dev=stdgraph

Mon Aug 19 16:47:38 EST 1996