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Instrumentation at the AAT

The Observatory maintains and supports a wide range of state-of-the-art instrumentation for the AAT. Many of the instruments are developed in-house by AAO staff both at Epping and Siding Spring, often in collaboration with University groups; others are built under contract externally. Some instruments have been built by individuals primarily for their own use, but may be available to other observers. As new detector technology becomes available, it is put to use on the AAT. Observers should check the AAO Newsletters for latest details.

The instruments currently available are summarized below, and discussed in more detail in the following chapters. Astronomers planning an AAT observing run should also consult the relevant users' guide for the instrument they plan to use (see § 1.4 for a list).

The status of AAT instruments is under review at the time of writing. It is likely that some instruments will shortly be retired or downgraded from the `fully supported' category. Again, details will be given in the AAO Newsletter.

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