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How to contact the Observatory


By mail

Anglo-Australian Observatory
P.O. Box 296
Epping, NSW 2121

By telephone

Epping Lab: +61 2 868 1666
AAT/Schmidt: +61 68 42 6291
AAT console: +61 68 42 6279 (urgent night-time messages only)

By fax

Epping Lab: +61 2 876 8536
AAT/Schmidt: +61 68 84 2298

By telex

Epping Lab: 123999 AAOSYD AA
AAT/Schmidt: 63945 CANOPUS AA

By electronic mail

In all of the following examples USER should be replaced with the username of the person you wish to contact. The username DIRECTOR can be used to send messages to the AAO Director, or if you have a query but are not sure who to send it to. The DIRECTOR account is checked for new messages at least once each working day. 

AARNET (Epping):
AARNET (AAT/Schmidt)
SPAN: nssdca$span::psi%aaoepp::USER
PSI DTE: 505228621000
Janet: Starlink users in the UK can send electronic mail messages via JANET to RLVAD::AAOMAIL (the name of the intended recipient should be included in the subject line). This is an operator serviced mailing system.

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