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Network connections


The AAO is an affiliate member of AARNet, the Australian Academic and Research Network. AARNet is an Internet network providing such facilities as remote login, file transfer and mail access. It supports TCP/IP and DECnet Phase IV protocols. The Epping Laboratory access to AARNet is through by a gateway at the CSIRO Division of Radiophysics, which has a direct Ethernet link. The registered network name is AAOEPP1.AAO.GOV.AU.

The Siding Spring AAT and Schmidt Telescope systems have transparent access to AARNet though network links via the Siding Spring Observatory to the Australian National University AARNet gateway. The registered name of the Siding Spring system is AAOCBN1.AAO.GOV.AU.

Colourbook and PSI X.25 communications access is available at both sites, using Ethernet-X.25 communications gateways. These are connected to the Telecom Australia AUSTPAC service.

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