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Text processing and PCs

There are a number of IBM PC-compatible machines both at site and Epping, as well as a number of Macintoshes. Most of these are not strictly for common use but could be made available if necessary. Epping has a Macintosh II and an HP Vectra (an IBM AT clone) available for general use and there is a Macintosh SE and a NEC APIV (another IBM AT clone) at site for general use. These are all networked to the VAXes and so files on floppy disks that these machines can read can be transferred to the VAXes (the more graphically-oriented Macintosh formats should be avoided, as these tend to lose most of their meaning when transferred to a different machine). Anyone who wants to use PCs or Macintoshes at AAO for purposes such as text processing or spreadsheet work should check that we have the PC programs they need. (While users are welcome to run their own programs on our PCs, they should be aware that copying copyright programs onto these machines is generally illegal and will not be condoned by the AAO.) Moreover, disk space on these machines is usually at a premium. CD readers are available for some of these machines, as are PostScript printers; at present, PostScript printing from a site Macintosh involves making use of ANU facilities, but this should change in the very near future.

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