Explorers of the Southern Sky

by Raymond Haynes, Roslynn Haynes, David Malin and Richard McGee

Explorers of the Southern Sky cover

    This well illustrated volume is a comprehensive account of the history of Australian astronomy. It is both an indispensable reference book and a highly readable study of a scientific discipline in the context of emerging nationhood.

    Starting from Aboriginal beliefs about the sky world we are led through to the most exciting modern research being carried out at Australia's world-class national facilities. The non-technical language, many illustrations and explanatory figures ensure that this guide will appeal to a wide range of readers.

ISBN 0-521-44477-2 (Cambridge University Press)
ISBN 0-933346-66-2 (Sky Publishing Corporation)

Cambridge University Press 1996
ISBN 0-521-36575-9

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    David Malin
    Updated 2003 January 2