'Stars and Galaxies' slide sets

AAT images in Armagh slide set Stars and Galaxies I

AAT 1.     The 3.9m Anglo-Australian Telescope (AAT)
AAT 2.     The AAT dome and the utilities building
AAT 3.     The telescope control console of the AAT
AAT 4.     The prime focus cage and an observer
AAT 5.     Star trails southwest of the AAT dome
AAT 6.     Star trails around the S celestial pole
AAT 7.     A radio galaxy, Centaurus A, (NGC 5128)
AAT 8.     A spiral galaxy, Messier 83, (NGC 5236)
AAT 9.     The nebula in Carina, NGC 3372
AAT 10.    A young open cluster, NGC 3293

AAT 11.    A planetary nebula, NGC6302
AAT 12.    The Trifid Nebula in Sagittarius, M20
AAT 13.    The Cone Nebula in the NGC 2264 cluster
AAT 14.    NGC 2264 and S Monocerotis
AAT 15.    A planetary nebula, the Helix, NGC 7293
AAT 16.    A Wolf-Rayet star in NGC 2359
AAT 17.    A spiral galaxy, NGC 2997
AAT 18.    The emission nebula M 16, NGC 6611
AAT 19.    The Orion Nebula, M42, and M43
AAT 20.    Nebulosity in Sagittarius, NGC 6589-90

AAT 21.    NGC 6164-65, a nebula and bright star
AAT 22.    Dust cloud and the open cluster NGC6520
AAT 23.    Almost edge-on spiral galaxy, NGC 253
AAT 24.    A mass-loss star and nebula, IC 2220
AAT 25.    The Jewel Box cluster in Crux, NGC 4755
AAT 26.    A galaxy of the Local Group, NGC 6822
AAT 27.    The faint nebula around NGC 6164-5
AAT 28.    Wide angle view of the southern Milky Way
AAT 29.    The Trapezium stars in the Orion Nebula

AAT 30.    The stars that excite the Trifid Nebula
AAT 31.    The Hourglass Nebula in Messier 8.

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