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21 January 1991

2dF developments continue

Additional Grant from Australian and UK Governments

Progress on the new two degree field (2dF) project at the Anglo-Australian Observatory (AAO) has been enhanced by additional funds set aside by both the Australian and UK Governments.

In December, AAO scientists competed for and won additional funding through the Commonwealth Department of Employment Education and Training which will enable the Observatory to develop the new instrument on a fast track method and be the first in the world to have such a capability.

The new instrument, based on state of the art fibre optics and robotics technologies, will allow astronomers to collect data from some four hundred stars and galaxies &emdash; a vast increase on that currently possible &emdash; and will assist the AAO to keep its place as one of the leading observatories in the world.


The 2dF project has attracted interest from manufacturers world wide. Tenders for both the supply of the glass and manufacture of the optics were received from companies in Europe, Asia and North America. The instrument will have one of the largest precision lens systems ever built, and will challengeexisting capabilities for the manufacturers. A contract for the manufacture of the optical system, following the design developed over the last three years by AAO research engineers, has been placed with the American firm Contraves Inc of Pittsburgh. The contract is worth Aus$655,600. A second contract for the supply of the glass blanks, worth Aus$292,500 has been placed with Ohara Inc of Japan.

Placement of both these contracts will ensure that the project is completed within its three year schedule.

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