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The HERMES Project: Publications

A comprehensive review paper covering the basic concepts of Galactic Archaeology is Freeman, K., Bland-Hawthorn, J. 2002 ARA&A 40 487. More details on the Chemical Tagging technique and its application to GA can be found in De Silva et al., 2007 AJ, 133,1161.

A paper presented at SPIE 2008, described an early concept for HERMES, which was for one instrument combining the capabilities of AAOmega and of HERMES. This design was eventually superseded by the final design, which minimises the disruption to AAOmega observing. Available here are both the poster presented at SPIE and the published paper.

A new paper describing the current status of the HERMES project was presented at SPIE 2010. Available here is the presentation given at SPIE by Sam Barden (as a PDF file) and also the published paper.

Some of the recent HERMES papers presented at SPIE 2012 are available below. They describe the project status and the HERMES Data Simulator status at mid 2012.