Working Groups of the NCA

International Year of Astronomy Advisory Group

  • Terms of reference: The International Year of Astronomy 2009 is organised internationally under the auspices of the International Astronomical Union, and nationally under the auspices of the NCA. The IYA Advisory Group will exist from 18 June 2007 through to 30 June 2010 and will:
    • Determine the audiences for IYA in Australia, set objectives for each of these audiences, and recommend the best ways to reach them;
    • Advise on the general strategy for running IYA in Australia (including, amongst other things, the proposal to obtain and distribute some funding as grants to community groups);
    • Advise on sources of funding for IYA activities;
    • Consider possible activities, judge their feasibility, and advise on ways they might be implemented.

  • Members: see membership list as of 18 June 2007.

  • Further information: National IYA page | International IYA page

Joint NCA/AAL ESO Working Group

  • Terms of reference: The National Committee for Astronomy (NCA) and Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL) wish to explore the possibility of Australia joining ESO, as one option outlined in AAL's Astronomy Roadmap for implementing the NCA's Australian Astronomy Decadal Plan. The process is envisioned to have three stages, with appropriate reviews and decisions at the conclusion of each stage:
    • Stage 1 - Detailed investigation of the ESO option by the Australian astronomical community.
    • Stage 2 - Informal discussions between Australian astronomers and ESO.
    • Stage 3 - Formal negotiations between the Australian government and ESO.
    The NCA and AAL have therefore formed an ESO Working Group to carry out the first two stages.

  • Members: Prof. Jeremy Mould (chair), Prof. Brian Boyle, Prof. Brian Schmidt.

  • ESO proposal plan: At the end of 2009 the NCA and the AAL Board agreed a plan for the ESO Working Group to develop a proposal for Australian membership of ESO during 2010. The NCA and the AAL Board will consider this proposal in the context of the recommendations of the Mid-Term Review of the Decadal Plan, which is also occurring in 2010.

  • Further information: Community survey