AAO HDF-South Redshift Survey

Using the LDSS++ spectrograph  the AAO has undertaken a public domain redshift survey in the Hubble Deep Field South. Targets were selected from deep AAT Prime Focus Imaging to R<24 over a 9 arcmin x 3 arcmin field. 12 hours of exposure was taken in the novel  LDSS++ microslit/object-sky mode in October 1998. See the November and January 1998 AAO Newsletters for more information about the LDSS++ instrument.

The Redshifts

  clickable map showing objects with AAT spectroscopic identifications.

Table of redshifts vs object ID in photometric catalog. These are free for use in any publication with the provision that they are referenced as Glazebrook et al., 1998, in preparation.

The redshift histogram shows an interesting spike at z=0.585 which probably corresponds to a foreground cluster. 225 R<24 sources were observed spectroscopically at once. Spectral identifications go as deep as R=24, though the completenss is rather low at the limit due to an aperture-seeing mismatch. 
Magnitude range Completeness
R=23-24 18%
R<24 38%
R<23 46%
R<22 63%
R<21 80%

Here is a plot of redshift vs R magnitude.

The spectra are available for download. Again please reference as above.

The Photometric Catalog

The photometric catalog of AAT-STIS fields and AAT-WFPC fields from which our targets were selected was done in collaboration by Imperial College and AAO. Please reference any use of these as Verma et al., 1998 in preparation.

The original AAT prime focus images are  available, as well as astrometrically corrected images (with WCS headers) of the STIS and WFPC field.

Karl Glazebrook, Nov 23rd 1998