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The use the system, first you will need to have your data in iraf format on disk. The simplest way to do this is to issue the command:

unix_server on

at the OBSERVER VAX terminal. This will cause any runs to be written in IRAF format (e.g. .pix and .imh files) to:


where n is the number of the CCD controller that you are currently using (check the white board next to the telescope console!), yymmdd is the year month and date and `filename' is in the standard format e.g. 05jan0023 for run number 23 taken on 5th January.

Once the data is transferred (it usually takes about 30seconds - 1 minute after read-out is complete) you can get to work on it.

Login as obsred on aatssf and go to the appropriate directory. To set-up iraf type:


and set terminal type to:


It may also ask you if you wish to initialise the uparm directory - the answer is not crucial but answering no is usually safest.

Start an xgterm window with:

xgterm &

and start iraf running in that window with:


Next load up the iraf packages you will need:




Now you have a choice whether to run with or without the GUI.

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