Monday 5th April, 2004

To be held at:
ATNF, Corner of Vimiera and Pembroke Rds., Marsfield, NSW


Call for Abstracts and Registration 

The call for abstracts is now closed. A preliminary programme can be found below.

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Marsfield Lecture Theatre
Monday, 5th April 2004 (9.30am to 5.30pm)
ATNF, Cnr. of Vimiera and Pembroke Rds.,
Marsfield, NSW.


Directions to the ATNF offices in Marsfield are available via the ATNF website. A map of the local area can be found here.


See Progamme and Abstractsbelow.

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Powerpoint talks

If possible could you please submit your Powerpoint files by emailing them as an attachment to with the title of your talk in the subject line. This will allow people to view your talk by teleconference. A PC will be made available in the Marsfield Lecture Theatre with access to all submitted presentations thus reducing the amount of time needed for computer changeovers.  For those of you who do not wish to do this, you may plug your laptop into the PC projector if you prefer.  We also recommend that all speakers bring a backup copy of their talk (either on laptop, or on CD/floppy).



Time Speaker Title
9.30 - 10.40
Session 1 - Chair: Fred Watson
9.30-9.40 Matthew Bailes Introduction
9.40-10.00 B-G Anderson FUSE/ROSAT/AAO Observations
10.00-10.20 Maria Hunt The Molecular Lord of the Rings: The Nucleus of NGC 4945
10.20-10.40 Sam Barden KAOS
10.40 - 11.00
Tea Break
11.00 - 12.40
Session 2 - Chair: Simon Johnston
11.00-11.20 Brian Boyle ATNF Director's Report
11.20-11.40 Matthew Colless AAO Director's Report
11.40-12.00 Gary Da Costa Gemini Update
12.00-12.20 Fred Watson RAVEing mad! Stellar kinematics with attitude
12.20-12.40 Roger Haynes A New Age of Optical Fibres for Tomorrow Astronomy
12.40 - 1.40
Lunch Break
1.40 - 3.40
Session 3 - Chair: Lister Staveley-Smith
1.40-2.00 Brad Carter The Anglo-Australian Planet Search
2.00-2.20 Michael Dahlem Searching for HI Gas in the Halos of Edge-On Spiral Galaxies
2.20-2.40 Baerbel Koribalski The Local Large-Scale Structure from HIPASS
2.40-3.00 Virginia Kilborn The Role of Cold Gas in Galaxy Groups
3.00-3.20 Simon Johnston Giant Pulses from the Large Magellanic Cloud
3.20-3.40 Peter Barnes Demographics of Nearby Medium-Mass Star-Forming Regions
3.40 - 4.00
Tea Break
4.00 - 5.30
Session 4 - Chair: Scott Croom
4.00-4.20 Tim Bedding Asteroseismology with UCLES (and a little help from its friends)
4.20-4.40 David Blank A Search for Radio Emission from the Nearby Brown Dwarf Binary epsilon Indi Bab
4.40-5.00 Kinwah Wu Ultra-Relativistic Jets from Cir X-1
5.00-5.20 Simon Driver The Space Density of Galaxies by Type and by Component
5.20-5.30 Ken Freeman Closing Remarks

*** Would all speakers please note that each talk is 15+5 minutes, except the opening and closing remarks which are only 10 minutes. If you are presenting a powerpoint talk then please could you email a copy as an attachment to This will allow teleconferencing facilities to be used, and also allow swifter transitions between speakers.

A list of all abstracts can be found here.
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