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PILOT - Pathfinder for an International Large Optical Telescope


Note: A complete listing of JACARA’s refereed publications and conference publications is available on the JACARA website.

Papers on PILOT and PILOT instrumentation


Burton, M., 'The science case for a 2m-class telescope at Dome C, Antarctica', 2007. Proceedings of First ARENA Conf., Roscoff, France. , EAS Publications Series, Volume 25, (2007), 103 – 110. Paper (128K)

J.W.V. Storey, M.C.B. Ashley, M.G. Burton & J.S. Lawrence, 'PILOT–the Pathfinder for an International Large Optical Telescope', Proceedings of First ARENA Conf., Roscoff, France. , EAS Publications Series, Volume 25, (2007), 255 – 259. Paper (100K)

J.S. Lawrence, P.R. Gillingham, M.C.B. Ashley, M.G. Burton & J.W.V. Storey, 'PILOT: optical configuration and instrumentation'. Proceedings of First ARENA Conf., Roscoff, France. , EAS Publications Series, Volume 25, (2007), in press. Paper (316K)


Burton, M.G., Lawrence, J., Ashley, M.C.B., Bailey, J.A., Blake, C., Bedding, T.R., Bland-Hawthorn, J., Bond, I.A.,Glazebrook, K., Hidas, M.G., Lewis, G., Longmore, Maddison, S.T., Mattila, S., Minier, V., Ryder, S.D., Sharp, R., Smith, C.H., Storey, J.W.V., Tinney, C.G., Tuthill, P., Walsh, A.J.,Walsh, W., Whiting, M., Wong, T., Woods, D. & Yock, P.C.M., 'Science Programs for a 2m-class Telescope at Dome C, Antarctica: PILOT, the Pathfinder for an International Large Optical Telescope', 2005. PASA, 22, 199-235. Paper (1.4M), ADS Link. 

J.S. Lawrence, M.G. Burton, M.C.B. Ashley & J.W.V. Storey, Pathfinder for an International Large Optical Telescope, Dome C Astronomy and Astrophysics Meeting (Eds. M. Giard, F. Casoli and F. Paletou), EAS Publications Series, 14, (2005) 321 – 324, Paper (108K)

Papers on 'PILOT-like' telescopes


Burgarella, D., Ferrari, M., Fusco, T., Langlois, M., Lemaitre, G., Le Roux, B., Moretto, G., Nicole, M., ‘Wide Field Astronomy at Dome C: two IR Surveys Complementary to SNAP’, EAS Publications Series, Volume 25, (2007), 147 – 154.  arXiv:astro-ph/0611556


Storey, J.W.V., Ashley, M.C.B., Burton, M.G. and Lawrence, J.S., 'What a really big Antarctic telescope could achieve', 2006. Les mes Rencontres de l'Observatoire de Paris, Visions for Infrared Astronomy, Revues des Systemes, 6, 61-66. Eds. V Coudé du Foresto, D. Ruan & G. Rousset, Paper (172K)


J.S. Lawrence, M.C.B. Ashley, M.G. Burton and J.W.V. Storey, Design and performance of the Douglas Mawson Telescope, Survey and other Telescope Technologies and Discoveries, J. Anthony Tyson, Sidney Wolff, Editors, Proceedings of SPIE, 4836 (2002), 129 – 137, Paper (116K), ADS Link


Burton, M.G., Storey, J.W.V. & Ashley, M.C.B., 'Science goals for Antarctic infrared telescopes', 2001. Pub. Ast. Soc. Aus., 18, 158-165. Paper (240K) ADS Link


M.G. Burton, J.W.V. Storey and M.C.B. Ashley, Science goals for an Antarctic large infrared telescope, Proc SPIE, (2000), 4005, 326 – 332, Paper (4080K) ADS Link

Other papers relevant to the PILOT project


K.G. Strassmeier, K. Agabi, L. Agnoletto, A. Allan, M.I. Andersen,W. Ansorge, F. Bortoletto, R. Briguglio, J.-T. Buey, S. Castellini, V. Coude du Foresto, L. Dame, H.J. Deeg, C. Eiroa, G. Durand, D. Fappani, M. Frezzotti, T. Granzer, A. Groschke, H.J. Karcher, R. Lenzen, A. Mancini, C. Montanari, A. Mora, A. Pierre, O. Pirnay, F. Roncella, F.-X. Schmider, I. Steele, J.W.V. Storey, N.F.H. Tothill, T. Travouillon, L. Vittuari and M.Weber, 'Telescope and instrument robotization at Dome C', 2007, Astron. Nachr., 328, in press. Paper (3.4M)

Lawrence, J.S., Ashley, M.C.B., Burton, M.G. & Storey, J.W.V., 'Dome C atmospheric conditions: implications for astronomy', 2007. Acta Astronomica Sinica, 48, 48-53. Paper (84K), ADS Link.

J.S. Lawrence, M.C.B. Ashley, C.S. Bonner, S. Bradley, D. Luong-Van & J.W.V. Storey, 'Characterisation of the Dome C atmospheric boundary layer with a non-Doppler acoustic radar', Proceedings of the 1st ARENA Conference (Eds. N. Epchtein, M. Candidi & M. Swain), EAS Publications Series, (2007), in press. Paper (216K)

B. Mosser & E. Aristidi, Duty Cycle of Doppler Ground-based Asteroseismic Observations, 2007. PASP, 119, 127 – 133. ADS link


Kenyon, S.L., Lawrence, J.S, Ashley, M.C.B., Storey, J.W.V., Tokovinin, A. & Fossat, E., 'Atmopsheric scintillation at Dome C, Antarctica: implications for photometry and astrometry', 2006, Pub. Ast. Soc. Pacific, 118, 924-932. Paper (480K), ADS Link.

Kenyon, S.L. & Storey, J.W.V., 'A review of optical sky brightness and extinction at Dome C, Antarctica', 2006, Pub. Ast. Soc. Pac., 118, 489-502. Paper (2.0M), ADS Link.

Lawrence, J.S., Ashley, M.C.B., Burton, M.G. & Storey, J.W.V., 'Exoplanet detection from Dome C, Antarctica: opportunities and challenges', 2006. IAU Colloquium 200, Direct Imaging of Exoplanets: Science & Techniques, Nice, France. Eds. C. Aime & F. Vakili. Cambridge University Press, pp.297 – -300. Paper (212K).


Storey, J.W.V. 'Astronomy from Antarctica', 2005. Antarctic Science, 17, 555 – 560. Paper (253K) 

E. Aristidi, K. Agabi, M. Azouit, E. Fossat, J. Vernin, T. Travouillon, J.S. Lawrence, C. Meyer, J.W.V. Storey, B. Halter, W.L. Roth & V. Walden, An analysis of temperatures and wind speeds above Dome C, Antarctica”, Astron. & Astrophys, 430, (2005), 739 – 746.

J.T. Dempsey, M.A. Phillips & J.W.V. Storey, Auroral contribution to sky brightness for optical astronomy on the Antarctic Plateau, Pub. of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 22, (2005) 91 – 104. Paper (2.7M), ADS Link.

V.P. Walden, M.S. Town, B. Halter. & J.W.V. Storey, First measurements of the infrared sky brightness at Dome C, Antarctica, Publ.  Astron.  Soc. Pacific, 117, (2005), 300 – 308. Paper (636K), ADS Link.

Indermuehle, B.T., Burton, M.G. & Maddison, S.T., 'The history of astrophysics in Antarctica', 2005. Pub. Ast. Soc. Aust., 22, 73-90. Paper (1.6M), Table of Antarctic Astronomy Experiments (36K), Full References (72K), ADS Link.

M.C.B. Ashley, M.G. Burton, P.G. Calisse, M.A. Phillips and J.W.V. Storey, Site testing at Dome C – cloud statistics from the ICECAM experiment, Highlights of Astronomy, ASP Conference Series Vol. 13 (Eds O.Engvold and M.G. Burton), (2005), 936 – 938. Paper (140K)

M.C.B. Ashley, J.S. Lawrence, J.W.V. Storey & A. Tokovinin, MASS seeing measurements from Dome C, Dome C Astronomy and Astrophysics Meeting (Eds. M. Giard, F. Casoli and F. Paletou), EAS Publications Series, 14, (2005) 19 – 24. Paper (380K)


Lawrence, J.S., Ashley, M.C.B., Tokovinin, A. & Travouillon, T., 'Exceptional astronomical seeing conditions above Dome C in Antarctica', 2004. Nature, 431, 278-281. Paper (512K), ADS Link

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Lawrence, J., 'Adaptive optics performance of Antarctic telescopes', 2004. Applied Optics, 43, 1435-1449. Paper (255K), ADS Link

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J.S. Lawrence, M.C.B. Ashley, M.G. Burton, J.P. Lloyd and J.W.V. Storey, The unique Antarctic atmosphere: implications for adaptive optics, Proceedings of the ESO Workshop on Science with Adaptive Optics (edited by W. Brandner and M. Kasper), Springer-Verlag, ESO Astrophysics Symposium Series, (2004), 111 – 116. Paper (144K).


M.G. Hidas, M.G.Burton, M.A.Chamberlain & J.W.V. Storey, Infrared and sub-millimetre sky brightness on the Antarctic plateau, Pub. of the Astronomical Society of Australia, 17, (2000), 260 – 269. Paper (429K) ADS Link

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