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Version 1.1 - 22 February 2002

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What Was New?

AAO WFI/PFU Pages completely revised (Feburary 2002).

New documentaion pages include
WFI Cookbook - with complete description of the use of WFI for imaging at the AAT
WFI Performance - a summary of measured WFI & PFU performace at the AAT
WFI proposers to the AAT should consult the new WFI Performance  page, when preparing their proposals for semesters from 2002B onwards.

PFU and WFI Commissioning - December 2000

The commissioning run for in December was quite successful. Updates on the WFI/PFU commissioning status can be found
at the AAO WFI/PFU Commissioning Plan and Status page.  New dark current measures, gains, read noises, SCTEs and
sensitivity estimates are now available.  Also the Direct Imaging calculator now includes measured parameters for WFI and the triplet corrector.

Finally we will  be carried out service observing. The approved programmes are here.

AAT Wide Field Imager and Prime Focus Unit Cookbook & Notes

A very drafty set of notes which will be updated as  knowledge of WFI & PFU progresses.

WFI SDSS Filters

The WFI SDSS filters have arrived. These g,r,i,z filters are 162 x 162mm in size, and 5.0mm thick (actually the r is 4.7mm thick). They have been manuafcatured by Barr Associates to the SDSS recipes. A u filter was not acquired, as the difference between our CCD's q.e. and that of the reference system's would be sufficiently different that no matter what we do, there would be significant colour terms. The WFI Schott glass U filter will be used instead.

Each filter has a 152mm x 152mm clear aperture. They will be mounted in their own filter holders, and will be available for use on the 40" so long as they are never removed from their holders. These filters have been assigned numbers #90-#93 in the AAT Filter Catalogue. Throughput profiles can be obtained there.

WFI Focal Plane is assembled.

The following images of the WFI focal plane have been provided by GL scientific. Yes it does exist! The mosaic is the flattest Gerry Luppino has ever constructed - look at the reflected light patterns accross the chip boundaries.

WFI on Bench WFI Focal Plane
WFI Dewar and Electronics viewed from rear (click on image for larger view) WFI Focal plane (click on image for larger view)

Further images are ozcamexternal.jpg and ozcamstraps2.jpg (ozcam is Gerry's quaint name for WFI).

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