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The Anglo-Australian Observatory

For first time visitors, this page gives an overview of what you will find on our site. Our site is for professional astronomers, amateur astronomers and those with an interest in astronomy. Under each page section is a "Designed for" line to help you navigate our web site.
Our site includes general information on the AAT and I especially recommend viewing David Malin's images.  You might like to take a virtual tour of the AAT and its surrounds (under the "What's New" section).

Site Contents

Who are we? (about the AAO)

Designed for: Anyone
  • Information on the AAO, AAT and UKST
  • Contact us (contacting the AAO)

    Designed for: Anyone
  • Epping (AAO) and Coonabarabran (AAT) contact phone numbers
  • How to find the AAO and the AAT
  • AAT Board and Advisory committee members
  • External committee members
  • ATAC Policy and Procedures, Corporate Plan, Client service charter
  • To find travel information for astronomers go to the Observing page
  • What's new (AAO News and Activities)

    Designed for: Anyone
  • Conferences, colloquia and local meeting information
  • Press releases
  • Employment opportunities
  • Newsletters and AAO general news
  • Tonight at the AAT
  • Virtual Reality Tours of the AAT
  • Images (David Malin images)

    Designed for: Anyone
  • David Malin images
  • Information about where to get David Malin slides, prints & posters
  • Reproduction conditions
  • Copyright
  • Downloads
  • Technical stuff
  • Science

    Designed for: Anyone
  • Information on some of  the latest Science being done at the AAO
  • Links to AAO preprints
  • Instrumention (and documentation)

    Designed for: Astronomers
  • Instruments available for use on the AAT and UKST
  • New instruments being developed
  • Databases (and catalogues)

    Designed for: Astronomers
  • Access to the AAT/UKST archive database and observing logs
  • Other astronomical databases available
  • Available sky surveys/catalogues
  • H-alpha survey page
  • Library

    Designed for: Anyone
  • AAO Library resources
  • Other available library resources
  • Useful information and links
  • Observing (at the AAT and UKST)

    Designed for: Astronomers
  • Information on the AAT and UKST telescopes
  • Applying for time on the AAO telescopes
  • AAT and UKST schedules
  • Observing on the AAO Telescopes (before and after information)
  • Information on reducing AAT data
  • Moon phases, daylight times, weather maps, AAT weather data
  • AAO observers' guides and manuals
  • Observer's report form
  • ©Anglo-Australian Observatory 2001, PO Box 296, Epping NSW 1710 Australia

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