AAO Library Plan Drawers

Drawer 1     Solar Spectral Atlases and Spectroheliograms

Photometric Atlas of the Solar Spectrum from 3612 to 8771 A (1) with appendix from 3332 to 3637 A (2).
Sterrewacht, Sonnenborgh, Utrecht (1); Minnaert, Mulders, Houtgast (2), 1940.

Photometric Atlas of the Solar Spectrum from 5000 to 10000 A.
Debouille, Neven, Roland, 1973.

Solar Flux Atlas from 296 to 1300 nm.
Kurucz, Furenlid, Brault, Testerman, 1984.

An Atlas of Extreme Ultraviolet Spectroheliograms from 170 to 625 A.
Vol. III: Synoptic Observations + Vol IV: Disk Features (bound together).
Feldman, Pucell & Dohne, 1987.

Drawer 2     Solar Spectral Atlases

Comparative Photographic Spectra of the High Sun and the Low Sun.
McClean, 1890.

Comparative Photographic Spectra of the Sun and the Metals.
McClean, 1891.

The Solar Spectrum from 2.8 to 23.7 microns, 2 volumes:
Pt 1.  Photometric Atlas.
Pt 2.  Measures & Identifications.
Migeotte, Neven, Swensson, 1956-1957.

The Solar Spectrum from 7498 to 12016 A, 2 volumes:
Pt 1. Photometric Atlas.
Pt 2. Measures & Identifications.
Swensson, Benedict, Debouille, Roland, 1963, 1970.

An Atlas of Infrared Spectra of the Solar Photosphere and of Sunspot Umbrae in the Spectral Intervals.
Hall, 1974.

A Spectral Atlas of the Sun between 1175 and 2100 A.
Moe, Van Hoosier, Bartoe, Brueckner, 1976.

Drawer 3   The Moon and Comets

Atlas Photographique de la Lune (Vols 1 to 4).
Loewy, Puiseux, Le Morvan, 1898-1910.

Atlas of Representative Cometary Spectra.
Swings, Haser, 1955.

Cometas~Viento Solar Atlas.
Observatorio Astronomico, Argentina, 1975.

Drawer 4   Non-solar Spectral Atlases

Atlas of Spectra of Nova Herculis.
Williams, 1934.

Molecular Spectra of Metallic Oxides.
Gatterer, Junkes, Salpeter, Rosen, 1957.

An Atlas of Nitrous Oxide, Methane (1: 2.8 - 8.9 um) and Ozone (2: 3.2 - 10.2 um) Infrared Absorption Bands, 2 volumes:
Pt 1.  The Photometric Records.
Pt 2.  Measures and Identifications.
Migeotte, Neven, Swensson (1); Vigroux, Migeotte, Neven, Swensson (2), 1957-8.

A Photometric Atlas of the Spectrum of Arcturus 3600 to 8825 A.
Griffin, 1968.

A Photometric Atlas of the Spectrum of Procyon 3140 to 7470 A.
Griffin, Griffin, 1979.

An Atlas of 21cm H I Line Profiles of 61 Galaxies of Large Angular Size.
Rots, 1979.

An Atlas of Wolf-Rayet Line Profiles.
Smith, Kuhi, 1981.

IUE Atlas of O-Type Spectra from 1200 to 1900 A.
Walborn, Nochols-Bohlin, Panek, 1985 (2 copies).

IUE Spectral Atlas of Planetary Nebulae, Central Stars and Related Objects.
Feibelman, Oliversen, Nichols-Bohlin, Garhart, 1988.

Drawer 5   Sky Charts

Uranometria Argentina, Vol 1: Maps.
Gould, 1877 (2 copies).

Uranometria Argentina, Vol 2: Star Catalogue.
Gould, 1879.

Atlas Coeli (Atlas of the Heavens) 1950.0.
Becvar, 1950 (3 copies).

Astronomical Charts for Northern Latitude 80 - 90 deg.
CCCP, 1957.

Atlas Ellipticalis 1950.0, 1st Edition.
Becvar, 1964.

Atlas Borealis, 2nd Edition.
Becvar, Mohr, Meyer, 1972.

Atlas Ellipticalis, 2nd Edition.
Becvar, Mohr, Meyer, 1974.

Atlas Australis, 2nd Edition.
Becvar, Mohr, Mayer, 1976.

Drawer 6   Specialised Sky Charts

Observations of the Southern Nebulae made with the Great Melbourne Telescope from 1869 to 1885, Part 1.
Ellery, 1885.

Isaac Roberts Atlas of 52 Regions. A Guide to William Herchel's Fields of Nebulosity.
Mrs Roberts, 1st Edition, 1928, and 2nd Edition, 1934.

Galaktischer Atlas.
Bottlinger, 1937.

Atlas of Galactic Dark Nebulae,
Khavtassi, 1960.

An Atlas of H-alpha Emission in the Southern Milky Way.
Rodgers, Campbell, Whiteoak, Bailey, Hunt, 1960.

Small Magellanic Cloud Charts.
Upsala-Mt Stromlo, 1950.

1107 Variable Stars in the Magellanic Clouds Observed at the Cordoba Observatory.
Dessy, Laborde, 1970.

Atlas of Galactic Globular Clusters with Colour Magnitude Diagrams.
Alcaino, 1973.

Atlas of the Orion Nebula Cluster.

A Photometric Atlas of the Orion Nebula.
Andrews, Grossie, 1981.

Drawer 7   Specialised Sky Charts

Atlas of Galaxies Useful for Measuring the Cosmological Distance Scale.
Sandage, Bedke, 1988.

The Carnegie Atlas of Galaxies (2 volumes).
Sandage, Bedke, 1994.

Drawer 8   Photographic Sky Atlases

Franklin Adams Charts, 2 volumes:
Volume 1: -90 to -30 deg.
Volume 2: -15 to +15 deg.
Adams, 1910.

True Visual Magnitude Photographic Star Atlas (3 volumes).
Papadopoulos, Scovil, Rubenberg, 1979-80.

Drawer 9  Photographic Sky Atlases

SERC SR Films (transparencies)*

SERC I-band Films (transparencies)*

Palomar Infrared Miky-Way Atlas (prints)

*A light table is available in the chart room on the ground floor.

Drawer 10  Sky Survey Overlays

Grid overlays for sky survey films with object identifications.
Dixon, Gearhart and Schmidtke, 1981

These overlays are based on the Palomar Epoch 1 Northern and Southern Extension atlas, covering declinations +90 to -42 degrees. They are the same plate scale as the POSS II and SERC J and EJ films held in the Chart Room. See the included folder for more information.

The Remaining drawers:

Drawer 11 holds posters and art materials - see the librarian.
Drawer 12 holds archival material such as old photographs, originals of figures for manuals, and the Mitsubishi Electrical System Drawings of the AAT.