Latest AAO Observer

Archive editions of the AAO Observer are available from the AAO Observer archive. Prior to August 2010, the newsletter was simply called the "AAO Newsletter". Members of the community are encouraged to submit articles.
Science Highlights
  • OzDES and the Dark Energy Survey
  • HERMES Commissioning - as it happened
  • CYCLOPS2 Catches an Exoplanet in a Polar Orbit
  • KOALA: a new 1000 element integral field unit for the AAT
  • Resolving the role of environment in galaxy evolution with SPIRAL
Observatory News
  • A New Chapter for the Australian Gemini Astronomy Contest
  • StarFest in the Warrumbungles
  • Seventy-Five Years of Schmidtery
  • AusGO Corner
  • Letter from Coona
  • News from North Ryde

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