Submitting an ATAC AAT Application


Submitting your AAT proposal

Instructions for Semester 2014B

    The AAO uses an online AAT Proposal Form for submission of AAT proposals. The old LaTeX proposal forms will not be accepted.

    Saving and viewing partially-completed proposals: There are three buttons at the bottom of the online AAT proposal form. In all cases they send information to the email address of the PI (Question 1). It is imperative that this email address is entered before any of these buttons are used.

      Save proposal: A URL linking to the partially-completed form will be generated and emailed to the PI. By clicking on this link, the PI will be returned to the partially-completed form. Each time the Save button is pressed, the information currently in the form is written to the AAO database as an unsubmitted proposal. Clicking on the link will return that information to the form for further editing by the PI. Note that although the link is privately emailed to the PI, it is publicly accessible and so should not be divulged except to those with a direct need to edit the proposal. PIs wishing to circulate copies of a draft proposal to Co-Is should instead use the Save & Review option.

      Save & Review proposal: Clicking this button saves the current form data and then generates a PDF document of the draft proposal, in the format seen by ATAC. The PDF is emailed to the PI. Use this mode for sharing a readable version of the proposal with collaborators.

      Submit proposal: Clicking this button finalises the information in the form and submits the proposal. The proposal is assigned a unique proposal ID, a time stamp, and is emailed to the PI and to the AAT Technical Secretary. Submitted proposals cannot be altered by the PI after this stage.

    Successful proposal submissions: The person listed as the Principal Contact will receive an e-mail acknowledgement when the proposal has been received (normally within a few minutes of submission). If you do not receive this acknowledgement, or wish to check on any other aspect of your submission, please contact the AAT Technical Secretary (aatts -@-

    If you notice a mistake after you have submitted: If you realise after you've submitted the proposal that you have made a mistake, please email the AAT Technical Secretary, (aatts -@-, as soon as possible to explain what is wrong. Don't resubmit the proposal. We will send instructions on how to replace an incorrect application. You must tell us about any errors by the day after the deadline at the latest - we will start to process all applications then, and any errors will not be corrected after this point.

    Offline backups are the responsibility of the proposer: Applicants are reminded that when they use the Save function they should maintain a separate record of their proposal information offine. The AAO takes all due care in providing the Save function but no responsibility for the information held in proposal forms prior to submission.

    Colour figures: ATAC accept colour figures as part of the PDF document outlining your Scientific Justification.

    Problems or questions: Please be sure to read all of these instructions carefully, and if you have any queries or difficulties, please contact the AAT Technical Secretary, (aatts -@-, well before the proposal deadline.


    Sarah Martell, aatts -@-
    30 January 2014