To: AAT Users

From: AAO Director

Subject: AAT Scheduling

Date: 1 September 2001

In line with the strategies identified in the AAO of the Future and the implementation plan supported by the AAT Board at their March 2001 meeting, the AAO needs to reduce the cost of operating the telescopes by a factor of two by 2006.

Although the major reduction in operational support will be phased in over the period 2004-06, there will be an impact on the AAO operations before then as the AAO diverts resources into essential telescope infrastructure-upgrade programs.

Beginning in Semester 02A, the AAO will therefore need to start making the changes to operations that will ensure the AAT can evolve into its new mode with no loss of, or disruption to, its scientific productivity. The changes outlined below are designed to provide users with new opportunities to embark on longer scientific programs well suited to the AAT's instrumentation suite and the Siding Spring site.

Following advice received from the ATAC, PATT, and AAO Users' Committee, the following scheduling arrangements will apply with effect from the beginning of Semester 02A:

With the move toward longer runs, applicants should now also explicitly include an allowance for weather, as a 33% overhead on their estimate of the total time required to complete their program. This will give applicants the best chance to achieve their program's scientific goals and enhance further the science outcomes from scheduled AAT runs.
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1 September 2001 (Last updated 30 October 2007)