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Colloquia and Talks at the AAO/ATNF Epping.

Note: We have moved to our new location in North Ryde. Due to security procedures at the new building, attendees must notify us of their intent so building security can generate temporary passes. Please use the "I plan to attend" link below

The AAO organises frequent colloquia at our North Ryde headquarters. These are usually held Thursday morning at 11:00 am, though other dates are occasionally scheduled. We welcome talks from visiting astronomers - if you are passing through Sydney and would like to tell us about your work, please contact the AAO colloquium organiser at (colloquia@aao.gov.au). The ATNF (Australia Telescope National Facility) also organises colloquia at their Epping offices. A schedule for these talks can be found on the ATNF Colloquia webpage. The AAO and ATNF occasionally organise Joint Colloquia when the speaker is likely to be of interest to both radio and optical communities. These talks will be found in both the list below, and the ATNF schedule. A list of past speakers can also be found below.

Informal Seminars

As well as the more formal colloquia described above, there are a number of informal discussion groups which meet regularly on the ATNF/Radiophysics/AAO grounds. All are welcome to these discussions.

Next Scheduled Colloquium

I plan to attend
Upcoming scheduled colloquia:
Wednesday, 21 May 201411:00 AMAAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2)Prof. Timothy Beers (Michigan State University)TBA
Thursday, 22 May 201411:00 AMAAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2)Karrie Gilbert (STScI)TBA
Thursday, 29 May 201411:00 AMAAO Meeting Room (Room 7, 1st Floor, Building 2)Angel Lopez-Sanchez (AAO)TBA

Past colloquia:
Wednesday, 09 April 201411:30Doug SimonsHawaii Astronomy and the Future of the Maunakea Observatories
Thursday, 27 March 201411:00Marios KarouzosRadio-AGN under the microscope: environment and host galaxies
Wednesday, 26 March 201411:00Alan McConnachieIntroducing the next generation of the CFHT: the Maunakea Spectroscopic explorer
Thursday, 20 March 201411:00Paul ButlerExoplanets searches with PFS and APF [PPT]
Thursday, 13 March 201411:00Amanda BauerAdventures in AAO Outreach [PDF]
Monday, 10 March 201414:00Pat McCarthyThe Giant Magellan Telescope Project
Thursday, 06 March 201411:00Instrument Science Summer StudentsResearch Progress of AAO Instrument Science Summer Students [PDF]
Monday, 24 February 201414:00Tim de ZeeuwESO: Present and Future [PPT]
Thursday, 20 February 201411:00Roland FletcherTransforming Angkor - low-density urbanism, LiDAR images and redefining of central Angkor, Cambodia [PPT]
Wednesday, 19 February 201411:00Elisabete da CunhaThe cosmic evolution of molecular gas in galaxies: predictions for (sub-)millimeter line and continuum deep fields
Tuesday, 18 February 201409:00Australian Gemini Undergraduate Summer StudentsSummer Student Research Results
Thursday, 13 February 201411:00Lisa FogartyThe SAMI Galaxy Survey: Update and New Science [PPTX]
Tuesday, 11 February 201411:00Astronomy and Instrument Science Summer StudentsAstronomy and Instrument Science Summer Student Presentations
Thursday, 06 February 201411:00Giovanni CarraroProperties and origin of the old, metal rich, star cluster, NGC 6791
Tuesday, 04 February 201414:00Astronomy StudentsAAO Summer Student Research Reports [PDF]
Monday, 16 December 201316:00Chris TinneyThe Giant Magellan Telescope Project - An Update
Monday, 16 December 201311:00Gerald CecilSAMI probes inner disk-galaxy kinematics
Monday, 09 December 201311:00Chris ConseliceGalaxy Assembly as a New Probe of Cosmology
Thursday, 05 December 201314:00Manuel Moreno-RayaElemental gas-phase abundances on galaxies hosting type Ia SNe
Friday, 29 November 201311:00Claudia LagosNeutral Gas in Galaxies: the interstellar medium and outflows
Thursday, 28 November 201311:00Ben MacLeanOpen Cluster Formation Clues from Chemical Abundances
Thursday, 21 November 201311:00Daniela CarolloThe Halo System of the Milky Way and the CEMP Stars Connection
Thursday, 14 November 201311:00Felipe MarinWiggleZ survey: Constraining cosmic growth using alternative clustering method [PDF]
Thursday, 17 October 201311:00Nuria LorenteHighlights of the ADASS XXIII Conference [PDF]
Friday, 04 October 201311:00Paola OlivaBrightest group and cluster galaxies as proves of galaxy formation
Thursday, 03 October 201311:30Ivan MinchevConstraining the formation and evolution of galactic discs through numerical modeling
Thursday, 26 September 201311:00Paul MartiniThe Mystery of Dust in Early-Type Galaxies
Thursday, 19 September 201311:00Alastair EdgeThe Rise and Fall (and Rise again!) of NGC1275 [PPTX]
Friday, 13 September 201311:00Astronomy/Instrument Science StudentsStudent Colloquium [PDF]
Thursday, 12 September 201311:00Jenna RyonYoung Star Clusters in Nearby Galaxies
Thursday, 05 September 201311:00Emma Ryan-WeberMetals, galaxies and escaping flux at the end of reionization
Thursday, 29 August 201311:30Jesus Falcon BarrosoThe stellar angular momentum across the Hubble Sequence: a tale from different IFU surveys [PDF]
Thursday, 08 August 201311:00Astronomy and Instrument Science StudentsWinter Student Presentations
Wednesday, 07 August 201311:30Chiara ToniniExtreme stellar systems vs hierarchical galaxy assembly: the biggest and the smallest
Thursday, 01 August 201311:00Marja Kristin SeidelAn Integral View of Bar-Driven Secular Evolution [PDF]
Wednesday, 31 July 201311:00Rogier WindhorstLessons learned from JWST: What is required to make Mega-Science projects succeed? [PDF]
Tuesday, 30 July 201311:00Rogier WindhorstHow will the James Webb Space Telescope measure First Light, Reionization, and Galaxy Assembly: Science and Project Update as of 2013 [PDF]
Friday, 26 July 201311:00Astronomy and Instrument Science StudentsStudent Presentations [PPTX]
Thursday, 25 July 201311:00Valentina D'OraziUnderstanding the internal pollution mechanisms in globular clusters: clues from light- and heavy-element abundances
Thursday, 18 July 201311:00Maritza Lara-LopezA deeper view of the mass, metallicity, SFR, and HI relationships
Thursday, 04 July 201311:00Jeffrey SimpsonSpectral matching for elemental abundances of evolved stars of omega Centauri
Tuesday, 02 July 201311:00Markus Kissler-PatigNew Opportunities with the Gemini Observatory [PDF]
Friday, 21 June 201311:15Gillian WilsonThe SpARCS z > 1 Cluster Survey
Thursday, 20 June 201311:00Rob CrainEagle: Evolution and Assembly of GaLaxies and their Environments [PDF]
Thursday, 13 June 201311:00Joss Bland-HawthornFossil imprint of a powerful flare at the Galactic Centre along the Magellanic Stream
Tuesday, 11 June 201311:00Andrea KunderGalactic Bulge Kinematics from the the Bulge Radial Velocity Assay [PDF]
Thursday, 06 June 201311:00Iraklis Konstantopoulos The Evolution of Galaxies in Compact Groups [PDF]
Tuesday, 04 June 201311:00Mark PhillipsNear-Infrared and Echelle Observations of Type Ia Supernovae
Thursday, 30 May 201311:00David NatafThe Age and Helium Abundance of the Galactic Bulge [PPTX]
Thursday, 23 May 201311:00Kyler KuehnThe Dark Energy Survey: Current Status and Future Goals [PDF]
Thursday, 04 April 201311:00Brian BoyleAstronomy Australia Ltd: Update on current activities and future plans
Thursday, 28 March 201311:00Charles KuehnRR Lyrae in the LMC: Insights Into Milky Way Formation and the Oosterhoff Dichotomy
Thursday, 21 March 201311:00Hector IbarraA New Twist in Galaxy Cluster Finding: The use of rendering and caustics techniques to solve the substructure problem
Thursday, 14 March 201311:00Andrew CaseyTools and Results in the New Era of High-Resolution Stellar Spectroscopy (Joint AAO/Macquarie University Colloquium)
Thursday, 07 March 201314:00Nemanja JovanovicThe Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme Adaptive Optics (SCExAO) project: a versatile platform for high contrast imaging experiments (Joint AAO/Macquarie University Colloquium)
Wednesday, 06 March 201311:00Lisa MazzucaHST Science Highlights since SM4
Thursday, 28 February 201311:00Shunsaku HoriuchiOn the connections between the star formation and supernova rates
Tuesday, 26 February 201311:00Jakob WalcherBaryonic physics in galaxy evolution as seen by the CALIFA survey
Thursday, 07 February 201311:00Emily WisnioskiStar formation on kpc-scales from redshift 0.1 to 1.5
Tuesday, 05 February 201311:00Trevor MendelThe highs and lows of galaxy evolution
Thursday, 22 November 201211:00Brendan MullanUnder Pressure: Star Clusters in the Tidal Debris of Interacting Galaxies
Thursday, 15 November 201211:00Christina BlomInvestigating galaxy evolution using globular cluster systems
Wednesday, 07 November 201215:00Martha HaynesThe ALFALFA Census of Gas-Bearing Galaxies at z=0 (Joint CASS/AAO Colloquium)
Tuesday, 06 November 201211:00Ned TaylorGalaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA): Deconstructing Bimodality -- Red ones and blue ones, live ones and dead ones, round ones and flat ones
Wednesday, 31 October 201215:00Richard de GrijsStar cluster formation and early evolution: the big picture (Joint CASS/AAO/Macquarie University Colloquium)
Thursday, 18 October 201215:00Moses MogotsiGalaxy Dynamics, Star Formation and footsteps to WALLABY and MHONGOOSE (Joint with CASS)
Thursday, 04 October 201211:00Brad SchaeferSupernova Progenitors
Thursday, 27 September 201211:00Vivienne WildThe Evolution of Starburst Galaxies
Monday, 17 September 201211:00Ji Yeon SeokInfrared supernova remnants in the Large Magellanic Cloud
Wednesday, 12 September 201215:00Vernesa SmolcicThe importance of radio-AGN feedback in massive galaxy formation: Insights from the COSMOS survey (Joint ATNF/AAO Colloquium)
Wednesday, 05 September 201211:00Dennis ZaritskyEvidence for Two Distinct Stellar Initial Mass Functions
Thursday, 02 August 201211:00Chris SpringobThe 6dFGS Fundamental Plane: Galaxy Evolution, Cosmology, and Cosmography Results
Friday, 20 July 201211:00Sara LucatelloChemical inhomogeneities in Globular Cluster stars and the multiple population puzzle(s)
Wednesday, 18 July 201215:00Luca CorteseThe Herschel Reference Survey: Gas, Dust, Star formation and Metals in the local Universe (Joint CASS/AAO Colloquium)
Thursday, 12 July 201211:00Carlos GonzalezRed Supergiants in the Inner Milky Way: Tell-tales of Galactic Structure
Thursday, 28 June 201211:00James JacksonThe Millimeter Astronomy Legacy Team 90 GHz Survey (MALT 90)
Wednesday, 13 June 201214:00Nicky AgiusDusty Early-Type Galaxies
Monday, 11 June 201211:00Miguel Sanchez PortalExploiting large facilities: galaxy clusters with GTC (GLACE) and nearby AGNs in the FIR with Herschel (SAFIR)
Friday, 18 March 201116:00Steve Maddox, NottinghamGalaxy Surveys and clustering
Thursday, 17 March 201115:30Loretta Dunne, NottinghamDigging up the Dirt on Galaxies with Herschel-ATLAS
Tuesday, 15 March 201115:30Roger Davies, OxfordTowards a new paradigm for Early Type Galaxies
Thursday, 10 March 201116:00Jeremy Mould, SwinburneMapping the Dark Matter in the Local Universe
Thursday, 24 February 201115:30Jason Spyromilio, ESOThe European Extremely Large Telescope Project
Monday, 21 February 201115:30Jonathan Gardner, NASA/GSFCThe James Webb Space Telescope
Thursday, 17 February 201115:30Sarah Brough, AAOGAMA: from little blue fuzzies to massive red monsters and beyond
Thursday, 10 February 201115:30Michelle Cluver, IPAC/CaltechPowerful H2 Line-Cooling in Stephan's Quintet and the "Death by Debris" Phenomenon in Hickson Compact Groups
Thursday, 03 February 201115:30Duncan Forbes, SwinburneGalaxy Halos: here be Dragons
Thursday, 27 January 201115:30Chiara Tonini, MelbourneThe hierarchical build-up of the Tully-Fisher relation
Thursday, 13 January 201115:30Chiaki Kobayashi, ANUChemodynamical simulations of elliptical galaxies - metallicity gradients and the fundamental plane
Monday, 10 January 201115:30Andrew Baker, RutgersObservations of Molecular Gas in High-Redshift Galaxies
Thursday, 16 December 201015:30Nemanja Jovanovic, AAO/MacquarieIntegrated photonic pupil remapping for stellar interferometry
Tuesday, 07 December 201015:30Sam Barden, NSOThe Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST) Project
Friday, 26 November 201015:30Gary Hill, TexasThe Hobby-Eberly Telescope Dark Energy Experiment
Wednesday, 24 November 201015:30Warren Brown, Smithsonian Astrophysical ObservatoryBlack Holes and Hypervelocity Stars
Tuesday, 23 November 201015:30Margaret Hanson, CincinnatiImproving mass and age estimates of unresolved Stellar Clusters
Thursday, 18 November 201015:30Joerg Fischera, ANUWhy you should care about dust!
Tuesday, 09 November 201015:30Anna Moore, CaltechThe expanding role of image slicer integral field spectrographs in Astronomical science
Thursday, 28 October 201015:30Chris Blake, SwinburneThe cosmic distance scale and growth rate at z=0.6 from the WiggleZDark Energy Survey
Wednesday, 27 October 201015:30Katie Mack, Kavli Institute/Institute of Astronomy, CambridgeThe 21cm Forest
Thursday, 23 September 201015:30Richard Ellis, CaltechDid Galaxies Reionise the Universe?
Friday, 17 September 201015:30Isaac Roseboom, Sussex, UKFirst Results from the Herschel Multi-tiered Extragalactic Survey(HerMES).
Thursday, 09 September 201015:30Carsten Weidner, St.AndrewsThe galaxy-wide IMF - From star clusters to galaxies
Wednesday, 25 August 201015:30Ignacio Negueruela, Universidad de Alicante, SpainMassive young stellar clusters in the Milky Way
Thursday, 19 August 201015:30Andy ConnollyLooking for one-in-a-million events
Thursday, 12 August 201015:30Max Spolaor, AAOEarly-type galaxies at large galactocentric radii: Metallicity gradients,and the [Z/H]-mass, [alpha/Fe]-mass relations
Thursday, 05 August 201015:30David Koo, UCO/LickAEGIS: DEEP's Panchromatic Vista of Distant Galaxies and AGN's
Thursday, 29 July 201015:30Rob Proctor, BrazilProbing the 2-D kinematic structure of early-type galaxies out to 3 effective radii
Wednesday, 28 July 201016:00Craig Harrison, CTIOSearching for fossil groups in the XMM Cluster Survey
Thursday, 22 July 201015:30Stephen Geier, Bamberg ObsThe MUCHFUSS project - Searching for the most massive compact companions to hot subdwarf stars (and finding the least massive ones)
Saturday, 19 June 201016:00Pat McCarthy, GMTO directorStatus of the Giant Magellan Telescope Project
Thursday, 17 June 201015:30Andrew Hopkins, AAOGalaxy and Mass assembly Survey
Monday, 24 May 201015:30Stuart Lumsden, Leeds, UKThe RMS Survey - Massive Star Formation in the Milky Way
Thursday, 13 May 201016:00Geoff Clayton, USAThe evolutionary history of the R-Coronae Borealis stars
Wednesday, 12 May 201015:30Ryan Cooke, UKUM 673: A unique system to study the properties of Damped Lyman-alpha Systems
Thursday, 06 May 201015:30Martin Guerrero, SpainHard X-ray emission from the central stars of Planetary Nebulae
Friday, 09 April 201015:30Evelyn Alecian, FranceMagnetism and rotation in the young Herbig Ae/Be stars
Monday, 08 March 201015:30Ranjan Gupta, Pune, IndiaInterstellar Extinction and Modeling of Dust
Friday, 05 March 201015:30Hugo Messias, PortugalA multi-wavelength approach to the properties of Extremely Red Galaxy populations: contribution to the Star Formation Rate density, AGN content, dust content and morphology.
Thursday, 04 March 201015:30David Floyd, Univ.MelbourneQuasars from kiloparsec to parsec scales
Friday, 22 January 201015:30Nick SeymourRadio/FIR measurements of star forming galaxies and cosmic evolution.
Thursday, 14 January 201015:30Stuart Ryder, Gemini Office, AAOSupernovae as revealed by Gemini