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Computers at the Schmidt telescope


The Schmidt Telescope has a MicroVAX II system with about 1.2 Gbytes of disk space. This system has a 1600/3200/6250 bpi half-inch 9-track tape drive and an 8mm Exabyte drive, as well as a TK50 95 Mbyte drive. There is a PostScript laser printer as well as a Printronix line printer. A number of VT200 and VT300 series terminals are connected to the machine as well as a Pericom MG100 line graphics terminal.

In addition, there is a SPARCstation IPC Unix workstation running IRAF which has 1.2 Gbytes of disk space, as well as a 150 Mbyte quarter-inch cartridge tape drive. This system is connected to the MicroVAX, via TCP/IP running over Ethernet.

There are also several IBM-compatible personal computers at the Schmidt.

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