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Books and journals

The main research library is at Epping, but smaller reference collections are kept at Siding Spring. Visitors are welcome to use the library and should make themselves known to the Librarian. They are also welcome to use the CSIRO Radiophysics library at Epping. Photocopying facilities are available both at Epping and at Siding Spring.

There are three libraries at the telescope site: the AAT library, the Schmidt library and the ANU library (in the 40 dome). A booklet entitled The Astrobungler's Guide (available from the AAO Librarian) lists the journals held at the three libraries, as well as charts and catalogues.

The Australiana Collection in the AAT library at site includes books and magazines on Australian flora, fauna, art, folklore and history. Tourist information on the Orana region is also available. For those planning to spend some time in the Warrumbungle National Park, the booklet Walks on and around Siding Spring Mountain written by David Allen and compiled by Robyn Shobbrook is available on request. This booklet includes maps - a must for visitors heading off to the Park.

Many of the library resources are available for loan. The exceptions are reference books, bound and loose journals, star catalogues, star atlases, observatory manuals, microfiche and any item with a `REFERENCE ONLY' sticker on the front. There is no set period for loans, but items should be returned within a reasonable time.

Borrowers should follow the loan procedures for each of these libraries, which are clearly stated. Material must not be taken from the Siding Spring site unless permission is given by the Site Manager (for ANU books) or the AAO Librarian.

Requests for references or information can be sent to the AAO Librarian by fax or e-mail. The e-mail address is AAOEPP::LIB.

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