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Schmidt Telescope applications

Two separate national committees have been set up to assess applications for non-survey plate material and FLAIR time on the Schmidt. Application forms and assistance can be obtained from the Schmidt Telescope staff, or from the staff of the Plate Library at ROE. Australian applicants should send their applications directly to:

Schmidt Telescope

Anglo Australian Observatory

Coonabarabran NSW 2357


UK Applicants from the UK should send their applications to:

Schmidt Telescope Unit

Royal Observatory

Blackford Hill

Edinburgh EH9 3HJ Scotland

United Kingdom

Applications from non-British/Australian users and joint applications from British and Australian users are assessed by both committees. Such applications can be sent to either committee

Application forms for Schmidt Telescope time can be found here, or click on the links below

FLAIR Service Request Form (LaTeX)

Schmidt Photography Service Request Form (LaTeX)

Photographic material

Applications for photographic material (both for new plates and to borrow existing plates) can be submitted at any time and are assessed and implemented as soon as possible after receipt. Applications will be subjected to technical assessment by the telescope staff and to archival searches by staff at ROE before being sent to the committee(s) for scientific assessment.

FLAIR II applications

Deadlines for applications for FLAIR time are the same as those for ATAC and PATT applications (see above). Further details can be found in the FLAIR II manual (AAO UM 31).

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