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Australian Human Resources Institute Diversity Awards 2013 Finalist

AAT Time Allocation

The allocation of AAT time uses two parameters to balance rightful AAT share with high-quality science:

The new time allocation procedure starts (as it always has) with the Australian Time Allocation Committee (ATAC) ranking all proposals by scientific merit, without regard to the nationality of the applicants. The AAO's scheduler then proceeds by:

Presently ATAC adopts a Australian fraction of 70%, and an Other fraction of 30% (including the OPTICON transnational access program). The Australian super-majority threshold will be 67%. These fractions reflect AAT demand (based on nationality) over the past few semesters and are supported by the AAO User's Committee and AAT Board. They are not necessarily fixed and will be reviewed in the context of AAT demand over future semesters.

Matthew Colless and Heath Jones
20 July 2010