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Photo Credit: 2dF at the AAT, the Magellan Telescopes and the Gemini South Telescope

The 2011 AusGO/AAO Observational Techniques Workshop

Tuesday August 30 - Friday September 2

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre, Sydney

NEW! Emma Hogan's Introduction to IRAF and Gemini IRAF can be found HERE.

The workshop data reduction tutorials, will be based on GMOS data that is available from HERE. Please download these files and have a look at them (WARNING: total file size is about 1.5Gb), and note the comments in the README file!

There will be two tutorial sessions during the workshop, both of which will require that participants have Gemini IRAF installed. This can be downloaded from this link, set up by the NOAO for a similar workshop held in Arizona last year; the packages are for both Linux and Mac OS X (Leopard and Snow Leopard only). They contain all files required to install Gemini IRAF, including a base IRAF installation (v2.14), and a few other utility packages, such as tables and stsdas.

Installation instructions are included on the above link. Please try to install the packages before the workshop. If you run into trouble, please contact Simon (otoole [at] aao [dot] gov [dot] au). There will also be some assistance available during the workshop.

Note that Gemini IRAF is not currently compatible with IRAF v2.15.

Other software, such as 2dFdr and ORAC-DR will be demonstrated during the workshop.

The workshop is supported by the following institutions:

Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) Australian Gemini Office (AusGO) Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL)

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