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Photo Credit: 2dF at the AAT, the Magellan Telescopes and the Gemini South Telescope

The 2011 AusGO/AAO Observational Techniques Workshop

Tuesday August 30 - Friday September 2

ATNF Marsfield Lecture Theatre, Sydney

Talk Presentations

SessionSpeaker Title
Tuesday, 13:05Elaine SadlerIntroduction to Australian optical/IR facilities and capabilities, current and future
Tuesday, 13:35Steve LeeBasics of a Telescope
Tuesday, 14:35Simon EllisOptical and Infrared Detectors
Tuesday, 16:00Keith ShortridgeAn Introduction to Data Reduction
Tuesday, 16:30Andrew HopkinsWriting proposals and the TAC process
Wednesday, 09:00Quentin ParkerImaging, Photometry and Filters
Wednesday, 10:30Amanda BauerThe Basics of Spectroscopy
Wednesday, 11:30Mike IrelandNear Infrared Astronomy
Wednesday, 13:30Emma HoganIntroduction to IRAF and Gemini IRAF
Wednesday, 14:30Karl GlazebrookNod & Shuffle
Wednesday, 15:30Geraint LewisMulti-object spectroscopy
Wednesday, 16:00Simon O'TooleData reduction tutorial (Part I, GMOS Imaging, long-slit & MOS)
Thursday, 09:00James RadomskiMid Infrared Astronomy
Thursday, 09:30Chris LidmanAdaptive Optics
Thursday, 10:00Gayandhi De SilvaHigh-resolution spectroscopy
Thursday, 11:00Stuart RyderORAC-DR demonstration
Thursday, 11:30Mike BirchallIntroduction to 2dFDR
Thursday, 13:30Sarah BroughIntegral Field Spectroscopy
Thursday, 14:00Simon O'TooleData reduction tutorial (Part II, GMOS IFU)
Thursday, 16:00Tara MurphyAn Introduction to Astro-informatics
Friday, 09:30Daniel ZuckerLarge Surveys
Friday, 10:00Chris OnkenData Archives and the Gemini HelpDesk
Friday, 11:00Simon O'TooleData visualization
Friday, 11:30Helen SimTelling the world about your results

Last updated: 11:30 Friday, 2nd September 2011 (and it is still Winter, Spring starts in the Southern Hemisphere on the 23rd of September!)

The workshop is supported by the following institutions:

Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO) Australian Gemini Office (AusGO) Astronomy Australia Limited (AAL)

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