dramastart - Startup drama.


Startup drama.


Defines the subsys_DIR, subsys_LIB and subsys_DEV environment variables (Unix/VxWorks) or logical names (VMS) for each drama sub-system. Under UNIX, you are given a new shell and the definition of the MANPATH environment variable is modified to include the DRAMA man pages..

Under the VxWorks and VMS versions, all DRAMA commands will now be available. Under Unix, you will need to source either the file $DRAMA/drama.csh if you are using a csh compatible shell or the file $DRAMA/drama.sh if you are using a sh compatible shell.

If using a csh compatible shell, I suggest lines like these be put in your .cshrc file to cause an automatic load or drama.ch when drama is started.

      if ( ${?DRAMA} != 0 ) then
          source $DRAMA/drama.csh
For borne compatible shells, the following should do the trick.
      if [ "$DRAMA" != "" ]; then
          \. $DRAMA/drama.sh

Under unix, the above commands source equivalent files from $DRAMA/local if they exist to provide site wide commands for local applications. They also source a user specific file named $HOME/.drama.sh or $HOME/.drama.csh (depending on the shell), if they exist, to provide user specific commands.

Note that if you specify a command to be execute, the bourne shell versions of the above scripts are used.

On MacOsX, the architecture to be used can be dependent on environment variables.

DRAMA_MAC_64BIT_ONLY If set, and OS is 10.5 or later, build for 64 bit intel.
DRAMA_MAC_32BIT_ONLY If set, and OS is 10.6 or ealier, build for 32 bit intel.
DRAMA_MAC_INTEL_FAT If set, and OS is 10.5 or 10.6, do FAT builds for both 32 bit and 64 bit intel.

For MacOsX 10.7 or later, the only option is a 64 bit build. For MacOsX 10.6, the default is a FAT build. 32bit or 64 bit possible. For MacOsX 10.5, the default is a 32 bit build, 64 bit or FAT possible For MacOsX 10.4 or earlier. only option is 32 bit build.

If the architecture chosen above does not exist, then, unless the IGNORE_NOTTHERE environment variable is set, we attempt to find another mac os x build which will work and use that.


(UNIX) dramastart [options] [<target> [<program> [<args>...]]]

(VxWorks) dramastart "<version>","<directory>"

(VMS) @dramastart start_type [options]


-v file
Specifies a version file of the form "subsystem=version" If not found in the current directory, then .ver if appended. It still not found, then the drama project directory is tried.


VMS only, either DRAMASTART for a normal dramastart command or VMSSTART to execute VMS startup files.
The target name (unix only). Currently, sun4, sun4_solaris, alpha_osf and vw68k are generally known about. Normally only used if the target is to be different from the host and this will only work if cross compilers are available. If you wish to specify the program argument on the local host, you an specify "host" as the target name.
A program to run. If specified, a new shell is not started, instead the specified program is run with all the DRAMA variables and commands defined.
Any number of arguments to be passed to [program.
A version file, VxWorks version As per the -v options. In addition, the form "-v file" is accepted for this argument. [directory] (VxWorks version, The location of the drama project. If not supplied, the value defined when the program is built will be used.


$DRAMA/drama.sh $DRAMA/drama.csh $DRAMA/local/drama.sh $DRAMA/local/drama.csh $HOME/.drama.sh $HOME/.drama.csh $HOME/.drama.env

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