AAO Employment Opportunities

This page lists recently-advertised positions available within the Australian Astronomical Observatory (AAO), plus information to help applicants frame their applications.

Currently Advertised Positions


Closing Date

Research Fellow

To apply, please go to http://apsjobs.gov.au, click on start job search, put department agency name as Australian Astronomical Observatory and search for AAO positions.

30th September, 2014


For information relating to a current vacancy please contact the officer specified in the position description. 

Please ensure that you check the information on the Career Centre website. Only applications submitted through the Career Centre will be accepted. If you still have an issue submitting your application you may contact Rajni Prasad on + 61 2 9372 4863 between 9.00am to 5.00pm EST, or you can send your query to rajni.prasad@aao.gov.au. Any application submitted to this email address will be disregarded. Please note that we will respond during business hours.