The FIGARO data reduction system

The FIGARO Data reduction system

General Introduction

A general introduction to the Figaro system. This introduces the system by, amongst other things, showing how to read data from FITS format and how to display it. It shows some of the ways the parameter system can be used, and introduces the way sequences of commands can be set up in Figaro.

Figaro commands

This is a complete alphabetical list of the Figaro commands, followed by a classified listing, in which the commands are divided up into a number of different categories.

The Parameter System

A full description of the Figaro parameter system, including the ways it can be used to set up simple sequences of operations on sets of files.


A set of descriptions of various techniques for data reduction using Figaro.

Programming command sequences

An introduction to the various ways in which Figaro can be used to set up pre-programmed command sequences.

Using Image and Figdisp

Describes the way the Figdisp display server works, in particular the way it interracts with 'image', the main Figaro image display command.

Callable Figaro

Detailed description of the 'Callable Figaro' system, which allows a Fortran program to invoke Figaro commands.

Copy of figaro software

Versions of figaro are available for mips, sun4 and solaris as well as a copy of iris_figaro.

Keith Shortridge
Sept 1995