The reflection nebula NGC 7023
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NGC 7023 image
Top left is NE. Image width is about 15 arc min
© 1992-2002, Malin/IAC/RGO. Photograph from Isaac Newton Telescope plates by David Malin.

NGC 7023 is a fine reflection nebula in Cepheus, around a 7th magnitude star. Most of its light is reflected by dust from the bright central star HD 200775, and the extent of the nebula is evident from the patchy distribution of background stars. As a result the nebula (LBN 487) is mostly blue, since the surrounding dust grains are small, however, close to the central star are small areas of red emission which suggest that the dust is very dense there and contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) that have a distinctive spectrum. A similar (though brighter) reflection nebula, also with PAH emission is NGC 2023, near the base of the dark Horsehead nebula

Entry from NGC 2000.0 (R.W. Sinnott, Ed.) © Sky Publishing Corporation, 1988:
NGC 7023 C+N 21 00.5  +68 10 s  Cep  18.    7. p *7 in eF, eL, neby  

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