The IC 4765 galaxy cluster in Pavo
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The IC 4765 galaxy cluster in Pavo
Top left is NE. Image width is about 30 arcmin.
© 2010, Australian Astronomical Observatory. Photograph by David Malin from UK Schmidt Telescope plates.

Photography using traditional materials is no longer used for astronomical imaging, and the last photographs were made with the UK Schmidt telescope (UKST) in about 2002. Photographic materials had improved rapidly from the 1970s, and towards the end of the photographic era, Kodak's Tech Pan emulsion appeared. This was the first photographic material to make optimum use of the UKST's superb optics.

This cluster of galaxies, dominated by IC 4765 is of no particular consequence, and is typical of such clusters. It is about 200 million light years distant in Pavo. However, the image is made from a tiny section of the original 356 mm (about 14 inch) square Tech Pan films, an area somewhat smaller than 35mm negative. The three original films, each exposed to either red, green or blue light were Tech Pan exposures of the southern sky survey that occupied the UK Schmidt for many years, and is an indication of the imaging quality achieved at the end of the photographic era.

A much larger part of the field is shown on (UKS 35), and this cluster appears in the upper centre of the frame. This image (UKS 35) represents about a third of the 6.5 x 6.5 degree field. Also on the same set of sky survey films is the Milky Way-like galaxy (NGC 6744).

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For details of object position and photographic exposure, search technical table by UKS reference number.

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