National Workshop on Extremely Large Telescopes
Australian Academy of Science Shine Dome
Canberra, 21 May 2003

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The National Committee for Astronomy has established a task force to explore Australian participation in the next generation of optical/infrared Extremely Large Telescopes. See for the terms of reference and membership of this ELT working group.

As part of its efforts to inform the Australian astronomical community on international ELT programs and develop a national response, the ELT working group organized a one-day National Workshop on Extremely Large Telescopes, which was held on 21 May 2003 at the Shine Dome of the Australian Academy of Science in Canberra.

The program for the workshop included talks on the science drivers for ELTs in various fields of astronomy, a review of the current status of existing ELT programs from around the world, and briefings on the major technical issues. There were discussion sessions on these topics and on Australian participation in an ELT project. Presentations made at the workshop are available here.

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