The major part of the AAO library collection is kept at Epping, but there is also a library on the first floor of the AAT building.

There is a collection of (mainly astronomy) books, including a number of Australiana titles which should be of particular interest to  users from overseas. These latter titles can be found on the shelves next to the reference collection, and cover such things as birds, snakes, flora, Australian history, etc. Some tourist-type literature can be found, as well as David Allen's book "Walks on and around Siding Spring Mountain" (Copies of this book are available from Rhonda, the Lodge, or the Epping library)

There is a PC in the library which is now connected to the network and can be used to access the online journals, search the catalogue etc. The user name and password are taped to the front of the computer.

If you need to contact the librarian, her email is, and the phone number is 9372 4814.


The telescope library no longer receives hard copy issues of the major astronomical journals (Astronomical Journal, Astronomy & Astrophysics, Astronomy & Geophysics, Astrophysical Journal, Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Mercury, RAS Monthly Notices). They may however be accessed on line. See the list of online journals here.

For reasons of space, part of the journal collection is stored in Studies 2 and 3, and in the corridor just outside the library. There is a list of locations of the various journals here.


A search engine for the library catalogue can be found on the main library web page. To find out if a book is normally kept in the telescope library, look at the record: if the word "Site" appears under Location, then there should be a copy of the book in the telescope library. (It may of course be out on loan - check the loans book on the librarian's desk).


Tourist information

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David Allen's book mentioned above, Walks on and around Siding Spring Mountain, includes descriptions of fourteen walks in the area, and also includes notes on flora and a list of birds which may be seen in the park. Other books in the library deal with flora and fauna in more detail.

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