AAO Newsletter October 1996 - Page 16

Due to the deterioration of the IRIS detector, some types of IR observations of faint objects are not feasible for service time. Please contact service or Stuart Lumsden (sll@aaoepp.aao.gov.au) for advice as to the feasibility of your project.

Ray Stathakis -Service Program Coordinator

Sky Surveys

As reported in the previous newsletter, the APM sky catalogue is now available at AAO via the web (http://www.aao.gov.au/local/www/apmcatbin/). Note that this is a new address. Like COSMOS, the APM catalogue does not include low galactic latitudes, or the Magellanic Clouds. At present the Northern Survey is complete but only the equatorial band (dec. = - 0° to - 15°) is covered in the South, at about 80% completeness. We hope to have the complete southern survey on-line by the end of 1998. In the meantime COSMOS is still available (email cosmos@aacepp.aao.gov.au for information on access).

DSS II, the second epoch of the STScI digitised sky survey, is being purchased by a number of Australian sites and will be distributed by AAO. The DSS II consists of scans of the second epoch red plates at a higher spatial resolution (1.0 arcsec square pixels) than DSS I (1.7 arcsec square pixels). The DSS II will be distributed on CD-ROM over the next 4.5 years to AAO Epping, the Schmidt, ATNF, MSSSO, University of Sydney Astrophysics Dept. and University of Melbourne Physics Dept. Unfortunately high computer hardware costs, slow networks and new network charges have made offline rather than online distribution the preferred option. This situation will be reviewed regularly.

Ray Stathakis

Events at Epping

Dr Brian Boyle arrived in mid-September to take up his new position as Director of the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Staff at Epping welcomed Brian, his wife Shona, and their two young sons at a lunchtime BBQ in early October, once the first flurry of settling in and moving had passed. Brian had, by this time, already returned once to the UK - a flying visit to attend a meeting and pick up his family all accomplished in the space of a long weekend! He also visited our staff at Coonabarabran shortly after his arrival, and plans to spend more time there throughout October and November.

At the BBQ welcoming the Boyle family, staff at Epping also took the opportunity to welcome Ian Lewis, his wife Alison Offer, and Robert Smith, to Australia. Ian and Alison are out from Durham, Ian keen to join the 2dF commissioning team for two years. He will be based, at least initially, at Coonabarabran. Robert Smith is under Brian Boyle's supervision at the AAO, in the final year of his PhD.

Helen Woods (hmw@aaoepp.aao.gov.au)

Letter From Coonabarabran

Through the general, everyday jobs of keeping the Observatory at its fighting best staff have still been kept busy bringing 2dF into operation, and I am glad to report that it is looking good, with


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