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This document is a `cookbook' for the Ultra High Resolution Facility (UHRF), located in the east coude room, which has been in use since 1990. This provides three different resolving powers of approximately 300,000, 600,000 and one million. It is used primarily for very high resolution spectroscopic studies of the interstellar medium. UHRF and UCLES share some of the same pre-slit optics and are controlled using the same software.

The information provided in this cookbook is based on `working notes' compiled by Jessica Chapman, and later Ray Stathakis. These may be of use for visiting astronomers who already have some experience of using UCLES or UHRF, and for AAO staff who support these facilities.

This document is not intended to replace the new manual The UCL Coude Echelle Spectrographs, written by Stathakis, Ryder, Ryan & Fish (2000).  The UCLES Cookbook may also be of interest.

Ray Stathakis (
Last Update: 10 October 2000