The Coude Echelle Spectrographs

Appendix B1: Quick look reduction of UCLES data

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Data Packages

IRAF and FIGARO (local and starlink versions) are supported at the AAT. Other packages can be provided given notice prior to your run (contact Garry Kitley

Location of Data

Observations are written to the VAX disk in FIGARO format, at:
when n is the controller (1 or 2).
Note that DUMMY runs are written to /vaxdata/ccd_n/yymmdd/

From the obsred account, an automatic procedure copies these data to the local aatssf disk and
converts (on request) to FITS or IRAF format.

Basic Quicklook Pipeline

SDR to write

IRAF Quick Look

SDR to write

FIGARO Quick Look


% figaro
% figdisp                        
image display window
% soft /xwind                     pop-up graphics window
% hard /ps                        hard copy format (prints to

Locate data

Either move to the data area on /data/ssf/1/obsred/ccd_n/ndf/
% setenv D /vaxdata/ccd_n/yymmdd      filename is $D/file
% setenv I /vaxinst/ccd_n/yymmdd     
filename is $I/file
Filenames (file) are ddmmmnnnn.sdf where nnnn is a four digit run number, e.g. 12may0034.sdf.

To inspect an image

% image $D/file min max min max au=y opt=.5 xp=1 yp=1 as=n er=y \\

The image display FIGDISP is controlled as follows (also available from F5)
F2  = zoom in
F3  = reset zoom
F4  = zoom out
F5  = help
F6  = print pixel values
F7  = recentre image
F8  = finding chart for display
F9  = exit
F10 = greyscale chart
F11 = print data map
F12 = row plot
F13 = print entire image
F14 = print viewer 
F16 = disable/re-enable keys
F18 = invert greyscale
F19 = FWHM analysis
F20 = column plot
F21 = Toggle histogram equalization.
F27 = Zoom in X coordinates
F29 = Zoom out X coordinates
F33 = Zoom in Y coordinates
F35 = Zoom out Y coordinates

comma = Decrease number of pixels averaged for a line plot
period = Increase number of pixels averaged for a line plot
slash = Reset number of pixels averaged for a line plot

left mouse button = centre point under cursor in main window
middle mouse button = press-drag-release for line plot of data between points
right mouse button = press-drag to manipulate the color LUTs. X position controls the offset, Y position controls the slope.  

Cross cuts and spectra

% ystract $D/file COL1 COL2 SPEC               Collapses columns into cross-cut
% extract $D/file ROW1 ROW2 SPEC               Collapses rows into cross-cut
% splot SPEC wh au `lab=""` bu=n ha=n          Plot spectrum on SOFT device
% ccur                                         Graphics cursor

Hardcopy plots

% imageps                                      Greyscale to HARD plotfile
% splot SPEC wh au hard `lab="My Spectrum"`\\  Plot spectrum on HARD device
% splot SPEC wh au lab="" bu=y er=y            Open buildfile for overlays
% splot SPEC wh au lab="" bu=y er=n            Overlay in existing buildfile
% bplot soft                                   Sends buildfile to SOFT screen 
% bplot hard                                   Sends buildfile to HARD plotfile

Measurement of data

% emlt SPEC xs=min xe=max lines=0              FWHM of emission or arc lines
% scross SPEC1 SPEC2 xs=min xe=max rec=n       Cross-correlate two spectra
% istat IM1                                    Statistics on image or spectrum

Basic operations

% isub IM1 IM2 IM3                             To subtract im1 - im2 = im3
% icsub IM1 CONST IM2                          To subtract im1 - constant = im2
Also iadd, icadd, imult, icmulr, idiv, icdiv       Arithmetic
Also irevx, irevy                                                      Flip image or spectrum

!! to abort a command at parameter input
\\   to accept defaults (on command line, or \ at a prompt to stop further prompts)

See the FIGARO manual for more information.

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Last Update: 21 June 2000