The Coude Echelle Spectrographs (Expert Information)

Appendix C4: Aligning the Detector for UHRF

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1. Installing the Detector

Install the detector and rotate it to align the spectral lines with the pixels of the detector. Interactive procedures are described below, but start with the settings in Table 1.

Table 1: Detector Rotation Settings for UHRF
Detector Mounting Plate Micrometer
Tektronix bthom, 2 clamp 9.2


2. Rotating the Detector

Configure UHRF to the laser, using the V or R cross dispersor depending on the planned observations: Take ~10 second exposure, adjust UT and UG to roughly centre the line on the CCD (see ?? ), then switch to a small, unbinned central window (e.g. TEK1K_SETUP). Adjust UFC/UFF to bring it into focus. (see ??.)

The detector must now be rotated to align the laser line with the CCD rows. (This contrasts with UCLES and the RGO spectrographs for which the orders are aligned.)

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